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Usb Ghost

The Scarynator
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This is essentially a technological prank device.

How does it work?

Well it is essentially a headless keyboard and a ball less mouse, in one package.

The computers recognize it as a hub with the keyboard and mouse connected, and if you didn't know that, you can have two-mouse control the same cursor.

As programmed, it can have two different functions. One is that the mouse behaves like crap like resisting the user. Or the keyboard appears to have a life of its own, typing user defined "Lawser! LOLWTFBBQ!" words. Another function is to essentially just act like a macro, via adding relevant files to the inbuilt flash drive.

If you pay more then you can get a remote control version... essentially a long-range mouse and keyboard.

mofosyne, Sep 14 2006


       I know this is a prank idea...   

       But is it in computer, cultural, or ...   

mofosyne, Sep 14 2006

       Many software packages available to mess with mouse and/or keyboard, even if you're not up to programming them yourself.
DrCurry, Sep 14 2006

       Good prank... kind of old, but the remote control part sounds like fun.   

       I think you should move it to Computer: Evil... I have't actually looked for that category, but I can't imagine a world without such a category on the halfbakery.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 14 2006

       DrCurry... The fact is that such programs may not work as it would be banned or prevented from working anyway...   

       This is almost universally going to work on every computer with a usb port.
mofosyne, Sep 15 2006

       you make it I buy it
punk_punker, Nov 13 2006

       You make it, Safer Networking will kill it.   

       What you are suggesting is a form of malware.
dm01, Feb 13 2007

       A ball-less mouse? What'd you neuter it or something!? Boooo, this idea is so down the tubes it's not even funny!
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007

       dm01 - they can't kill it if its not a program.
mofosyne, Apr 09 2010


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