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Utilitarian Hospital

A voluntary hospital where utilitarianism rules apply
  [vote for,

Make a hospital where it is legal and acceptable to randomly harvest one person's organs to save several other people's lives, etc. But it is voluntary admittance, so no fear of hospitals in general needs to propagate throughout the population as a result.

If you're in bad shape, you can go there, and have a much higher chance of survival and overall increased utility, but you lose all of your minimum ensured levels of protection in exchange. More likely than not, you'll get better care, but you can also be harvested if it happens to work out best to choose you.

Smurfsahoy, Feb 13 2008


       Where shall I begin? Ah, there's the vote against option, says it all really.
zeno, Feb 13 2008

       You've got no heart.
xenzag, Feb 13 2008

       I suspect that people entering such a hospital would be poor candidates for organ donation.   

       Such an arrangement might work better for a brothel. It would have to be dark.
bungston, Feb 13 2008

       I suppose this is no more illogical than any other manifestation of utilitarianism. (This is not a recommendation.)

Compulsory 'donation' of organs was suggested recently by the UK government.
angel, Feb 14 2008

       You sure that was the government... and not the Archbishop of Canterbury advocating the introduction of Sharia law?
xenzag, Feb 14 2008


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