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Waltzing IV Stand

Shall we dance?
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Regaining consciousness, blinking sporadically as dilation accommodates the blurry glow of artificial luminescence descending from above; the fog begins to lift. Twisted faces of strangers come into view whilst seeking to recognize familiarity.

Alas, amidst the haze shines recognition. Liquids flow unselfishneshly to the veins. Strangers become friends.

Encouraged are the perambulations of the patient, and the stamina of the Nurses. Their blood flows perhaps deeper than my own.

Introducing the self-balancing IV stand of the future (from top to bottom):

Hanger attachment fittings
Adjustable pole (of course)
Shoulder-feel headrest attachments
Electronic flow control
Space for other monitoring devices of choice
Counter-rotating gyroscopic balances
Left/right maneuverable arms with comfy-cushion hands
Centered O2 tank
Balance measurement
Rechargeable battery
Single sphere at the bottom driven in the direction of tilt
Snap-down feet option included.

Rest thy weary head upon the shoulders of those who are entrusted with life. No tripping on the wheels, no tipping on the moldings. Always level on uneven surfaces. Bless Nurses. Dance.

Shz, Oct 19 2003


       Obligatory "<your mother> Don't play with your food. </your mother>" post.
Cedar Park, Oct 19 2003

       Naw, my ‘don’t play with your food’ idea has never been posted because I have yet to come up with a positive spin for the (true) story.
Shz, Oct 19 2003

       No, [Shz], I was obliged to post it. Just envisioning patients dancing themselves around the hospital while being fed intravenously.
Cedar Park, Oct 20 2003

       Hehe! Good one [CP]. I can’t believe I missed it. Wait, I see the problem. - My vitamin bag is empty. <reloads> Ahhh, much better.
Shz, Oct 20 2003


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