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War referendum

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If you are going to send people to invade other country, wouldn't it be fair to ask the people if we should invade?
mofosyne, Nov 07 2011

Serval http://www.servalproject.org/
[swimswim, Nov 08 2011]

Ask the people http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_at_War
[mouseposture, Nov 09 2011]


       Thus making the category other: [general] vaguely appropriate?
normzone, Nov 07 2011

       Once a deployable Serval-like ad-hoc wireless mesh network is running widely, and once we get this e-voting thing to work (securely), then sounds good.
swimswim, Nov 07 2011

       Are you asking the invading people, or the invadee people?
zen_tom, Nov 08 2011

       Best to ask both.
spidermother, Nov 08 2011

       No true Scotsman would vote against the invasion.
mouseposture, Nov 08 2011

       Well, you send in the army, which topples the dictator and re-establishes free speech, then you ask the citizens ... point taken.
spidermother, Nov 08 2011

       [21Q], see the Serval link and my anno above.
swimswim, Nov 08 2011

       Aw but I want to invade right now.
rcarty, Nov 08 2011

       I say bomb 'em, drop aid packages then shower the countryside with ballots.   

       How about combining the bomb and the relief packages in one easy to drop shell? So it blows up the bad guys, then a second charge blows aid packages all over the place, sort of like a pinata.
doctorremulac3, Nov 08 2011

       Scotland is being invaded again? Why weren't my people contacted? Our rates are still very reasonable.
Alterother, Nov 08 2011

       Less than one invasion per century? You call that a reasonable rate?
mouseposture, Nov 08 2011

       It's possible that this idea is baked - in theory - in the USA. I'm not by any means an expert, but to invade a nation that has not carried out acts of war against, or declared war on, the USA may be unconstitutional and unlawful, and therefore require the explicit consent of the citizens in the form of a referendum.   

       Certain former shrub-like presidents' actions notwithstanding.
spidermother, Nov 09 2011

       // Less than one invasion per century? You call that a reasonable rate? //   

       You misunderstand. My people have a long and proud history of employment as mercenaries in the British Isles, and I was simply stating that we are currently available for hire and that our fees are quite low. For territorial invasion, for instance, we often work on commission.
Alterother, Nov 09 2011

       // Certain former shrub-like presidents' actions notwithstanding. //   

       He wasn't our president. He may have sat in the chair and pretended to do the job, but we didn't put him there.
Alterother, Nov 09 2011

       //wouldn't it be fair// No. Screw "fair." I want them to P their pants when they see us coming. But if you still want to be really nice about it, leave a complimentary dinner mint on their hospital pillow on your way out. (and, what [doctorremulac3] said...)
Grogster, Nov 09 2011

       oh, that's right, you're from Maine [Alterother].   

       I've been pushing it recently on some ideas, so reluctant to throw stones, but is this really anything that belongs on the HB? Is it possibly new in any meaningful way?   

       I mean Fat Joe for President to make it rain makes sense (and was MFDd). What's this?
theircompetitor, Nov 09 2011

       // Is it possibly new in any meaningful way? //   

       Probably not.
Alterother, Nov 10 2011

       A small child lobbed a large rock (with impressive accuracy) at my head the other day.   

       His feelings are apparent...   

       I'm not exactly thrilled to be here either.   

       The unpopulated areas, however are breath-takingly gorgeous.
MikeD, Nov 10 2011

       make war and love. but don't vote.
teslaberry, Mar 14 2014

       /So it blows up the bad guys, then a second charge blows aid packages all over the place, sort of like a pinata./   

       I like this bomb / care package combination. A tertiary charge could also strew ballots about. Because /shower the countryside with ballots/ could give rise to a terrible misunderstanding, when you are talking to folks whose business is shooting big guns.
bungston, Mar 15 2014


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