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VR Endless Pool

Circular Endless Pool + CAVE = Virtual Snorkeling
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This would be a combination of two existing technologies: The Endless Pool (modified to be circular, so that the swimmer can swim in any direction), and Spatially Immersive Virtual Reality.

Basically, the bottom of the pool would have rear-projected screens on which 3D images of the coral reefs, etc. are projected in stereo. The goggles of the user would have the appropriate (active or passive) polarizing filters already applied. The user (swimmer) would be tracked and the perspective would shift accordingly.

This should make the workout a lot more enjoyable than staring at the bottom of a pool.

cowtamer, Apr 21 2009

CAVE http://www.mechdyne.com/cave.aspx
CAVE Automated Virtual Environment [cowtamer, Apr 21 2009]

Endless Pool http://www.aboutus.org/EndlessPools.com
[cowtamer, Apr 21 2009]

More CAVE http://en.wikipedia...Virtual_Environment
[cowtamer, Apr 21 2009]

Prototype This! Episode 10: Virtual Sea Adventure http://www.grandide...tual-sea-adventure/
Similar, but with scuba diving and explicit steering, not implicit tracking. [jutta, Apr 21 2009]


       Sign me up.
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       Works for me.
jutta, Apr 21 2009


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