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VR Game Console Interface

VR Focused Game Console/Full 3D Interface
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Current generation game consoles have proven that we have come to a point of technical feasibility for the greater majority of some of the ideas I'm about to post here. It's mostly up to console maker's R&D departments to hack away at the idea and make it a reality.

As a result of a small sugar-induced dream I recently had I had formulated an idea for a new console design or just a simple interface redesign. Much of this would be more suited in Nintendo's department probably as a next generation Wii.

The basis of the whole idea is to have a full VR/3D interface on the console with strict game development requirements to allow seamless transfer to and from games, applications, and the 'home' menu on the console. Example being like going from playing Zelda: Twilight Princess in WolfLink mode, enter a 'portal' of sorts in the game that fits into that environment, come out morphed into a Mii or otherwise generic avatar into a 3D web browser environment, and into another portal to a 'Home' environment that can be everything from a studio apartment, adobe hut, or anything you can think of with full customization (ala 3DNA Desktop). All of this would be perfectly seamless as to give that sense of integration to the user.

Beyond that, the idea can be improved on as technology progresses with better motion tracking for the user, some form of VR display either in goggles or future 'real' 3D capable displays.

cr08, Aug 24 2008


       I see a lot of buzzwords and perfect this and progress that, but don't understand what the actual invention is. Can anyone translate?
jutta, Mar 07 2011

       Oh sure, make me do all the work...   

       I want a desktop like 3DNA, but I want to enter/leave games seamlessly to and from it.   

       The desktop thing's baked (as mentioned in the post), the rest is WIBNI.
FlyingToaster, Mar 07 2011

       The now-defunct VR/visualization development package mUSE (the first letter is the Greek letter "mu") had this concept of "portals" for navigating between applications..
cowtamer, Mar 09 2011


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