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Virtual rope pulling

Easy to install hardware & little piece of software = big fun.
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1. You attach the rope pulling machine firmly to the wall. This machine is a torque measuring thing with a rope attached to it and an USB - interface to your pc.

2. You connect to a server where you create a game or join a game that exists of 2 teams. When the game starts you have to pull the rope and youre pulling force is transferred to the server. Your pulling force gets added to your team mates pulling forces and that is your teams force. When the collective force of team A is greater than the collective force of team B, team A will gain points. The game will stop when there is a team that reached the maximum and we got a winner!

On the machine is also a webcam installed, To make sure your opponent(s) are not cheating.

I think this is a fun and healthy multiplayer game. And lots of different mods of this game are possible. Or other input devices suchs as an USB Boxing Ball

Valkyrie, Sep 10 2003

Load cells http://sensors-tran...oad_Cells&comp=3424
That was the thing i was looking for [Valkyrie, Oct 04 2004]


       Mmkay, not exactly my idea of "big fun", but I can't knock anything that encourages gamers to participate in some form of physical activity!   

       Also, did you ever play that arm wrestling arcade game? I guess you could do the same sort of thing with that too, although with only two players. An "Over The Top"esque tournament would ensue, I'm sure.
RoboBust, Sep 10 2003

       // An "Over The Top"esque tournament //   

       Oh yeah. It comes with a USB red baseball cap that you have to turn around on your head to boost your power meter...
DeathNinja, Sep 10 2003

       You would have to watch out for hackers... who knows what would happen if the rope suddenly started pulling at -1 newtons...
proto13, Feb 20 2004


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