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Vacuum Solution

No more itchy hair.
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Ever had the misery of an itchy back after visiting the hairdressers - all of those little cuts of hair digging into your pores?

What about a hollow collar with holes, attached to a vacuum cleaner. The collar fits right around the neck. When the hairdresser starts cutting, the vacuum cleaner cuts in, and sucks any falling hairs through the collar. No more hair down your back then!! No more itchyness. And the Barber doesn't have to sweep.

By the way...I've been infested by a virus on the two occasions I logged onto this site!!!!!!!!

PaddyPat, Aug 12 2003

Haircut http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Haircut
Another infestation? [DrBob, Oct 04 2004]

Flowbee http://www.flowbee.com/
Baked version, puts the vacuum closer to the source of the problem. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       Avez un kwassont.
pjd, Aug 12 2003

       Why do you need the vacuum if the collar is catching the clipped hair? Why not a vacuum attached directly to the clippers? How about a vacuum attached directly to a "vacuum glove" the barber wears?
phoenix, Aug 12 2003

       wow. stoppress. "halfbakery in first case of html virus shocker".
neilp, Aug 12 2003

       Jeebes ...... this idea could really take off. 33% think it's a good idea. What about adding a scanning devise to the vacuum which would sort/filter the hair into colours? The cut hair could then be sold to wig makers. ... or to Joke shops who could sell it as itching powder of sorts
PaddyPat, Aug 12 2003

       Paddy, please delete the first one - we don't need both. not sure we need o.... welcome btw.
po, Aug 12 2003

       There's no active content on this site. It'd be very hard, er, impossible to get a virus from the halfbakery provided you don't count addiction as a virus.
bristolz, Aug 12 2003

       There's a nasty Windows worm out on the loose right now, perhaps thats what hit you, coincidentally when you were looking at the bakery.
krelnik, Aug 12 2003

       Links could hook you to a virus, no? And maybe that itchiness is actually infestation of another sort. COOTIES!
bungston, Aug 12 2003

       You're getting dangerously close to re-inventing the Flo-Bee, which is a criminal offense in most states.
DeathNinja, Aug 12 2003

       Good idea(+), just had a haircut and I am trying to get used to how much smaller my head is.
chud, Aug 12 2003


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