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Virtual Haircut

Repurpose robotic remote surgical tech
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Do you have some old remote robotic surgical technology hanging around the house? Let's start a website that connects up you and others who have this tech with haircut customers world wide.

Start with a few prototype haircutteries where fancy hsircutests from around the world can be hired to give you a virtual haircut. Then cheapen and mass produce the prototype tech and create a website that allows franchise participants to give virtual haircuts to users around the world.

You could start with only electric shaver cuts with plastic fittings that would prevent any accidents.

If cheap enough the tech could be head mounted and sold like a regular electric shaver kit and then linked to a website which would let experts remotely manipulate the device.

And then you could just copy and paste haircuts. Maybe there would have to be royalties for haircuts so that the artists got paid for their haircut recordings every time they were used.

JesusHChrist, Mar 06 2016

Virtual Haircut https://www.youtube...watch?v=IUDTlvagjJA
Get your headphones out. You may or may not want to return to this virtual barber, he's a talker. [I'mGoingtoMarryJackWhite, Mar 08 2016]

Online Haircuts dot com http://www.onlinehaircuts.com/
Come for the promo video, stay for the well-groomed error messages. [lahosken, Mar 08 2016]

telehaircut telehaircut
The difference between "virtual haircut" and "remote haircut" is important, but the genius of this idea is having it before November 2019! [maffu, May 25 2020]


       This isn't a virtual haircut, it's a remote one.
Voice, Mar 07 2016


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