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Tele-surgery type remote robot hair dresser
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How to get a haircut in these days of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a topic which seems to exercise many people.

We have remote surgery [see link] and robots are getting cheaper, so how about letting your hairdresser work from home in pyjamas while you sit and let the scissor-wielding robot swish round your head?

maffu, May 11 2020

Remote surgery https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Remote_surgery
Wikipedia page on "Remote surgery" [maffu, May 11 2020]

Repurposed Surgical Robot Hair Salon Repurposed_20Surgic...obot_20Hair_20Salon
[maffu, May 11 2020]

Virtual Haircut Virtual_20Haircut
Same idea but *pre Coronavirus*. Genius! [maffu, May 25 2020]


       Turns out I'm not the first to suggest it [link2]
maffu, May 11 2020

       The part I fear most is where the hairdresser tries to hold up the mirror so that I can see if I approve of the back
lurch, May 11 2020


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