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Vacuum Toilet Seat

Vacuum Toilet Seat: Sucks Away Odor At Source
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Let's face it - the worst type of bathroom odor comes from taking a dump in the toilet. Even that noisy ceiling ventilation fan often can't remove it soon enough, so that it can even stink up your house in the meantime. Going into a bathroom after someone's just used it can really make you want to hold your nose.

Why not suck away that odor near the source? You've all seen those cheap plastic toilet seats that can easily be screwed onto your toilet. Why not make a fancier one, which has some ventilation/suction built into it? Suck all that odor away and send it down the drain pipe or someplace. Dyson seems to have gotten attention recently for his ring-shaped fan gadget, so maybe some of that technology could be useful for this (Toilet Bowl Coanda Effect anyone?) Maybe an ionic air deodorizer would help to sterilize the bowl and keep things hygienic.

Make it pressure-sensitive or photocell motion-sensing, so that when you sit on the seat, then the suction automatically starts. Hey, sometimes you don't have time to flip a switch - when you gotta go, you gotta go - y'know?

sanman, Sep 27 2013

Negative_20Air_20Toilet [FlyingToaster, Sep 27 2013]

Toto S400 Washlet http://www.totousa.com/Washlet/S400.aspx
A fancier model (note the “Automatic Air Purifier”) [ytk, Sep 27 2013]


       Got a laugh out of the first line.
rcarty, Sep 27 2013

       The seat itself features suction cups which won't let the user stand up until the odor has been completely removed from underneath.
FlyingToaster, Sep 27 2013

       Both ideas suck equally well.
AusCan531, Sep 27 2013

       If it sucked hard enough, one could sport baboon butt after enough uses.
RayfordSteele, Sep 27 2013

       Actually I think this idea is more marketable than the fist link since it can be added to existing toilets.   

       The trick part seems like it would be making the vent aparatus easy to install and inconspicuous once installed. If we could just stick a hose down the toilet and bubble the waste air up through the S bend into the sewer pipes, that would be ideal, but I suspect that could seriously hurt the flushing capability.   

       I think you'd need a lot less air flow for this comparedto a normal bathroom fan since the air in the toilet isn't moving rapidly. You just need a small constant flow to catch air that is slowly drifting out.
scad mientist, Sep 27 2013

       [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist. Toto is probably the biggest manufacturer, but there are several other brands. You can generally find them at higher end plumbing/home furnishing stores. Heck, you can even buy them on Amazon.   

       Try Googling “deodorizing toilet seat”.
ytk, Sep 27 2013

       Think how much fun you could have with the concept of utilizing an electrostatic air purifier in combination with the expected methane-laden odors.
jurist, Sep 29 2013

       The Adam and Eve eco-farm near Modiin (Israel) has a solar chimney that pulls the air from the room into their dry toilets, and out above after being aerated.   

       Each of the public toilets is in a separate room of its own with a small window letting in air from outside.   

       Costs almost nothing to make, and the room is always with a pleasant wood smell, sometimes with a slight coffee or rose odor from the petals or shavings used to cover the "load", and none of the usual bathroom odors.   

       The naturally heated, aerated, composted and dried material emits small amounts of odorless methane, and the dry compost is emptied once a year and used for the farm crops.   

       Groups gather in an adjacent porch or in the winter in the adjacent congress hall, and receive an explanation about the farm, never realizing what they are standing next to, until being introduced to the system.
pashute, Sep 30 2013


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