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whirlpool toilet

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The toilet bowl has spiral indentations to encourage the flush to spiral around the bowl, mimicking the action of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. This would be more effective for removing stubbon particles.
simonj, Jun 02 2011

Cyclonic Separation http://en.wikipedia...Cyclonic_separation
Clearing up any misconceptions about the Dyson vacuum cleaner. [TomP, Jun 03 2011]

A better suggestion... Plugged_20Toilet_20Spout
Toilet Macerator (read the comments, not the main post) [gtoal, Jun 03 2011]


       I sort of do that. I stir the toilet to free it of blockages, probably daily. But an automated method would be good. Maybe with a crank handle?
nineteenthly, Jun 02 2011

       The openings are already spiraled... I think that if the water flow was pulsed it would more effectively clean the bowl.
Alx_xlA, Jun 03 2011

       ...but I think it would make it harder to clean by hand whilst scrubbing all the indentations.
xandram, Jun 03 2011

       I think you've missed the point of using a whirly-me-jig in Dyson's vacuum cleaner. That is to separate solid particles from the air going through the machine [link]. If your toilet were to truly mimic Dyson's cleaner, it would probably be so that you could re-use the clean water - no peeing though.
TomP, Jun 03 2011

       As TomP says, the Dyson cyclonic action is intended to seperate particles from fluid by density. The object of a toilet flush is to entrain particles into the fluid in order to transport them into the sewerage system - quite the opposite of the Dyson cyclone. (-)
Twizz, Jun 03 2011

       //I stir the toilet to free it of blockages, probably daily// - there may be something wrong with your toilet, or what you're putting in it.
hippo, Jun 03 2011

       What's wrong is my daughter's mysterious behaviour in the bog. It only gets blocked when she's here.
nineteenthly, Jun 03 2011

       Sounds like she's flushing something that shouldn't be flushed.
Alx_xlA, Jun 04 2011


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