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Walnut shells

For a no-brush flush
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Crushed walnut shells have been used for a long time as a non-scratching abrasive and cleaner.

And they’re organic!

Would a system that released some with a little [biodegradable!] detergent into the tank at loo-flushing time make stooping with a brush unnecessary?

All those who suggest simplifying this elegant procedure by sprinkling walnut shells on our breakfast weeties will be deleted at dawn.

rayfo, Oct 05 2000


       From a Centrifugal POV, it would be a prerequisite to either sprinkle or jet spray cleaner on the bowl above the water line. Method to the madness: Manually shake mix or build contraption which would apply mix without particles touching skin in seated position for sit'n'flush.
thumbwax, Oct 05 2000

       We'ren't those installed on urinals not too long ago? How's about a quick spray of walnut oil to the bowl when you've seated yourself and a dash of powdered walnut shells into the drawers after cleanup? It might smell great, be absorbant, and eliminate daily washout of those unsightly scortch marks in the drawers
reensure, Oct 05 2000

       Composting toilets accept walnut shells already.
hello_c, Oct 05 2000

       Reensure, this question BEGS to be asked: Define drawers
thumbwax, Oct 06 2000

       You don't have drawers in your water closet, thumbwax? Some folks down the road here with what I'd guess is a $20 thousand s*t house have one, but they make up for it with a baker's rack in the pantry next to their commode. Must be fifty towels in there!
reensure, Oct 08 2000


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