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Variable Term Limits

Time in office is proportional to popular vote
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This Presidential election system encourages losing-candidate supporters to still vote, because even if your person doesn't win, you're at least taking some days in office away from the winning candidate.

The electoral votes still determine who becomes President, but the length of term in office is now determined by percent of popular vote.

Popular vote: Term Award
60%___________4 years
55%___________4 years
50%___________3 years
45%___________2 years
[term is interpolated for percents not shown]

Thus, presidents who "just squeak by" are effectively under a "probation period" and must undergo another test after a shorter time to see if they're working out.

Note: elections will end up on days other than Nov 12, and congress/senate will change out of step with Presidency, but that may actually be good, and will provide continuity of the legislation.

phundug, May 29 2006


       Sounds expensive to administer. Also, regardless of who wins, I'm relieved when politicians get of the campaign trail and get back to "work". Under this system, that would seldom happen.
Texticle, May 29 2006

       Great idea. And pretty feasible as well. Of course, this pressuposes a politically active citizenry, which lacks in many countries that don't have obligatory voting. Maybe we should work on that too.
django, May 29 2006

       I like the idea, but surely   

       //The idea is to satisfy all major political parties in the USA//   

       should be   

       The idea is to satisfy we, the people.
neilp, May 29 2006

       Well, while you're at it you may as well factor in how well off the voters are in the current economy.
normzone, May 29 2006

       This system has the same weaknesses as proportional representation. The problem with terms as short as 2 years is that they're too short to implement policies. The other alternative is a coalition government, but that normally suffers from consensus and blockade politics. In both cases nothing gets done.   

       If your intention is to eliminate tactical voting, there is a much better solution: Single transferrable voting, ie. you rank your candidates in order of preferrence, but there is only one winner serving the whole term.
kinemojo, May 29 2006


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