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Vice President

In Charge of Vice, Of Course...
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The position of Vice President (of the US, anyway) has always been a bit laughable, is usually populated by boobs that don't necessarily provide the President competition at the top, and really have little to do. In many instances it is a bit of a career killer.

Why not completely change the job to what the title actually says, and is something a little more fun? That way, the Vice President would have all of the most popular vices at his fingertips... smoking, drinking, gambling, girls, fried pork rinds; he would have first hand experience with all of it. It would certainly deflect attention away from the President, allowing much more lattitude there for screwing up.

If this is the end of your political career, why not go out with a bang. Quite literally.

Grogster, May 10 2011


       I think there is enough media attention given to celebrity vise and I don't see a need for more of the same.
Voice, May 10 2011

       33% of US VPs have become president, either through election or succession. Not exactly a trivial percentage.
MechE, May 10 2011

       Yep, and only 5 of those went on to actually be elected. 8 ascended because the President expired.
Grogster, May 10 2011

       So you're saying that the Vice President should be good with either holding back or leading the popular uprising coup to unseat the established President through his many "security" contacts. And have spent time working at Haliburton...
RayfordSteele, May 10 2011

       This may fall under the "pun in search of an idea" clause.   

       And girls are a vice? I wish somebody had warned me back in kindergarden.
normzone, May 10 2011

       9 VPs succeeded to the presidency after the death or resignation of their president. 4 of these were later elected for at least one term in their own right.   

       5 were elected to the next term without the demise of their predecessor. So even if the election/death thing were relevant (they all still became president) a full 20% of VPs have later been elected president.
MechE, May 10 2011

       //usually populated by boobs that don't necessarily provide the President competition at the top, and really have little to do.// Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman, Richard Cheney. Maybe Aaron Burr. Someone better versed in USA history could probably cite other examples. How many exceptions are you prepared to write off as anomalies?
mouseposture, May 10 2011

       Point well taken, [mouse], there have been notable and brilliant exceptions. But there have also been some collosal flops. I am just saying that if you tweak the job responsibilities a bit you will have a MUCH larger pool to draw from...
Grogster, May 10 2011

       I always thought that the Vice President clamped pieces firmly in the President's woodshop.
DrWorm, May 10 2011

       yes [DrWorm] presents another pun...and also, fried pork rinds are a staple in some countries!
xandram, May 12 2011


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