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voter participation trophies

frame voting results as demographics pitted against each other
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Young people in America don't vote. If they want politicians to start paying attention to their problems (like student loan reform) they need to start voting. Who they vote for is less important then whether they vote.

My idea is have the media make as big of a deal out of the demographics' voting participation as the voting results themselves. Companies could even give away incentives for demographics that improved their voting participation. If a demographic bumped participation up 10% from 4 years ago they could even get a trophy.

lepton, May 06 2014


       One of the USA presidents gave every tax payer a check for voting back in the last century. He made it up to us later though.
normzone, May 06 2014

       Oh please let's increase election madness.
zeno, May 06 2014

       I'm an old person and I don't vote, besides which I don't care for trophies.
xandram, May 06 2014

       //Now we're playing Race War, the real game. You realize, of course, this is gonna quickly turn into 'Kill Whitey'.//
One of the best things about being British is that it is extraordinarily hard to imagine the evidently reflexive mental gymnastics necessary to switch from (A) "demographics" to (B) "kill whitey". However, in this instance I am curious to understand at least what direction you have to be facing at A to make B seem like a logical destination.
calum, May 06 2014

       [+] Better yet, instead of a trophy, just let the corporate sponsors do what comes naturally.   

       Companies LOVE giving coupons/promotions. It's just part of their marketing budget after all.   

       So, imagine Taco Bell giving 10% off all purchases the week after election day but only if the 18-32 demo goes over x%.   

       Or, Walgreens DOUBLING their Senior Discount Tuesdays for a month if the 55+ category voted more than x%.   

       They'd pile on to this like flies on honey.
sophocles, May 06 2014

       I have a better plan. Delegate voting to the citizens of another country.   

       This would make things more interesting for both countries.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 06 2014

       That's a good idea. Somebody is making money from importing cheaper goods from elsewhere. No doubt the same could be done for voting.   

       Think of all the time you'd save not having to research the issues and candidates.
normzone, May 06 2014

       You've missed the best bit: all the political campaigning would take place abroad.   

       Even better - you'd get to vote in Jamaican elections, and would have Jamaican candidates touring the US, which would be more fun for everyone.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 06 2014

       //Who they vote for is less important then whether they vote.//   

       How can that possibly be true?
theircompetitor, May 06 2014

       // Who they vote for is less important then whether they vote. How can that possibly be true?   

       Well here in America the game is rigged and the conservative party has been hijacked by the Tea Party (as far right as you can get).. and it's this way because those people vote in primaries. So your demographic voting could actually influence the positions the candidates take in a way that just voting for a candidate wouldn't.
lepton, May 06 2014

       I happen to be here in America, and if your concern is with the primary system, it didnt come through in the idea. Using uninformed, apathetic voters to dullute those that you don't agree with does not sound like a great idea to me, though.
theircompetitor, May 06 2014

       Can we have fewer voters who are more informed, instead of more voters?
DIYMatt, May 06 2014

       An "informed" voter today, likely is "informed" by watching a lot of Fox News or CNBC.   

       So, it's not like an increase in those "informed" voters will make much difference in our corporate oligarchy.   

       Bringing more participation from the "uninformed" may lead to more progressive measures, as "uninformed" people (in polls) often want less wars, legalized weed, increased minimum wage, increased environmental protections.   

       Yes, the "lower information" voters can be swayed by propaganda, but it's a fallacy to think those who are drinking koolaid non-stop are somehow "more informed".
sophocles, May 06 2014


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