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witricity slipstream vehicles

drones change the aerodynamics of vehicles favorably, improving mileage and safety
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Witricity is a kind of electric field that is able to light a light bulb at about 300 feet, or possibly 300 meters. I think it can be narrow beamed with antennas. Witricity was discovered at MIT.

Drones could use witircity to fly. So, have shaped drones precede a driving vehicle to change the air slipstream around a vehicle, creating better aerodynamics than previously possible. That benefits mileage.

Also, the drones could be like space (area) buffers causing an area around the vehicle that a self driving vehicle could use to noticeably reduce risk, as human drivers would see a "virtual vehicle perimeter"

Better mileage! Better safety! amplifies the application of witricity! nifty new looking vehicles!

beanangel, Oct 14 2016

Witricity http://witricity.co...-companies-of-2012/
[beanangel, Oct 14 2016]


       Star wars could have baked this with a word from Anakin about superber aerodynamics on a pod racer from causing the engines to do a front swirl around thing.
beanangel, Oct 15 2016

       How is this better than aerospikes protruding from the front of the vehicle?
notexactly, Oct 15 2016

       On a bicycle, a wave of drones carving a designed slipstream would be a wonderful advantage.
wjt, Oct 16 2016


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