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Window Cling Registration

No more glue, please
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Given that automobile registrations and inspection stickers need to be removed and replaced on a regular basis, why can't they be made as window clings, instead of using adhesive?
goldbb, Apr 12 2010

Window Cling (rude) Road Tax Holder http://www.speeding...sc_Holders_123.html
They are normally given away free so standard ones are not so easy to find. [Aristotle, Apr 12 2010]


       So that they self-destruct if a nogoodnik tries to move them to a different vehicle.
swimswim, Apr 12 2010

       I believe we already use such advanced technology in the UK for Road Tax discs. Search for road tax disc holder, although you'll get the expensive, non- standard ones first.
Aristotle, Apr 12 2010

       I believe that the adhesive is used so they can't fall off or be stolen or tampered with.
xandram, Apr 12 2010

       I've had them stolen.   

       I now remove the previous ones and cross-hatch mine with a razor blade so that they cannot be removed in less than dozens of fragments
normzone, Apr 12 2010

       It would probably mean that if you just registered one car per household you could just take the sticker with you and stick it in whatever car you're in.
ShawnBob, Apr 12 2010

       In the UK we have the added security measure of writing the registration number of the car on the road tax disc itself. This prevents causal swapping. I apologise if these measures are too advanced to discuss here.   

       What people do nick instead is disabled parking permits ..
Aristotle, Apr 12 2010

       Dudes... When I was in college, we had 1 parking permit and I had two cars. I put my sticker on cellophane and was able to switch it back and forth between cars. I think I had to lick it. It stayed indefinitely.
Mustardface, Apr 13 2010

       Aristotle, it looks like those road tax holders use adhesive pads to stick on the windshield. They might have less glue than a registration sticker, but there's still glue, and it could still come off on the windshield. I want something which will come off completely residue free.   

       Mustadface, Cellophane sounds like a good solution... I'm not sure I'd want to lick it, though.
goldbb, Apr 14 2010

Mustardface, Apr 15 2010

       There are glueless ones that are sent to you without backing paper to protect the glue. However these are sent to UK drivers for free, in such copious amounts that an insurance advert took the micky out of this practise, and so therefore are not available for sale on the internet.
Aristotle, Apr 15 2010


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