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Velcro blanket

Stemmed from velcro!
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Have you ever felt the soft side of a piece of velcro? Not the hard plastic hook one, the one that is supposed to be all scraggly and soft?

I propose a cheap, soft blanket made from plastic! Using the same technology used in velcro making, a plastic sheet it cut, and velcro fibers are applied. It is cheap, soft, comfortable, and can be mass produced for disaster stricken areas! And, no need to wash, or worry about it getting wet! it's plastic, so it won't get soaked when wet, and will dry easily.

See Link for side of velcro that the fibers would be made from.

EvilPickels, May 10 2005

(?) Velcro Fiber http://img20.echo.c...0/279/velcro0ha.jpg
The red circled velcro piece is the side that the plastic fibers would be made from. [EvilPickels, May 10 2005]


       So, the idea is (to simplify greatly) fuzzy blankets made of synthetic fibres?
Basepair, May 10 2005

       I'm confused by your link. Is the side of the Velcro you mean the one indicated by the red circle and the arrow and the label that reads "this side"?
Basepair, May 10 2005

       Yes. It is cheap, water proof, and can be mass produced easily. Not so sure about whther it can be warm or not...
EvilPickels, May 11 2005

       would it help or hinder eneuresis troubles?
po, May 11 2005

       I thought the benchmark for sticky blankets was an army one.
[po] I think it could take "water retention" to a whole new level.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 11 2005

       //would it help or hinder eneuresis troubles?// It is so fuzzy, so water- repellent and so cheap that it would be bound to. Where can I buy one? What am I saying?? Where can I buy a dozen?? 111?!
Basepair, May 11 2005

       Erm... in all honesty, synthetic blankets are not altogether original?
david_scothern, May 12 2005

       But this is: //a cheap, soft blanket made from plastic!// and it is //cheap, soft, comfortable, and can be mass produced for disaster stricken areas! And, no need to wash, or worry about it getting wet!// What more could one possibly want?
Basepair, May 12 2005

       I'm disappointed. I thought this idea would also use the hard plastic hook side to prevent drafts.
Loris, May 13 2005

       I was thinking, maybe the other side of the velcro could be an add on, that you could use to make a thicker blanket from. They would stick together, considering that they are velcro.
EvilPickels, May 13 2005

       I'm not sure what I big square of velcro would feel like (may be very itchy) but if its comfy then its a good idea. [+]
maximus5, May 13 2005

       And this differs from other fuzzy blankets made of synthetic fibres in the following ways:

Basepair, May 13 2005

       [Basepair] i think your anno's broken
andrew1, May 14 2005

       No, I just couldn't think of the first item on my list.
Basepair, May 14 2005

       *rolls eyes*
finrod, May 14 2005

       Ah. I was sure it was bound to happen sooner or later.
Basepair, May 15 2005

       You changed your name to EnaPubba?
half, May 15 2005

       I think this would have great applications in child rearing. I can see how a velco blanket could help keep my 3 year old in bed after I have put her to bed.   

       And if they get strong enough to pull open a whole blanket of velcro, then the rrr-iii-iii-pppp will let parents know when they are trying to sneak over to the toy box.   

       Plus, if it is water proof - then you don't have to worry about them having to get out of bed to use the potty in the night.
MikeyTheBikey, May 16 2005


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