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Velcro house

Velcro everything
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Have a house where all inside surfaces are coveverd in velcro, people in the house could wear suits also made of velcro, this would eliminate the need for stairs (such a waste of space) and by putting velcro on the back of pictures you can stick them directly on the wall without needing to make a hole. You could even stick yourself onto the wall to watch a movie no need for a couch, put the flat screen tv as high on the wall as you want since its also got a velcro backing. No need for shelves just put velcro on anything that needs it and stick it to the wall, climb up and grab a book.
Gulherme, Nov 09 2002


       This will be big on the first civilian space station.   

       - bit worried when you say *everything*
po, Nov 09 2002

       Seems like hooks and loops on everything would help keep the blankets in place at night.
_Mowgli_, Nov 09 2002

       Fishbone for run-on sentences.
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2002

       it would keep the cat from knocking things over at night.
WhiteWiz, Mar 02 2004

       Great idea! I do this to a certain extent already in my room at school. i have two velcro (hook-and-loop fastener) strips each about a foot and a half long stuck on the wall at a comfortable height next to my desk. One has rulers, pencils, pens, calculator etc. all with a velcro strip round. The other i velcro empty coke bottles to filled with water/juice etc. I love it for the amount of desk space it saves.
Pirate Nozz, May 03 2004

       I love this! Let's get started!
ignorantimmigrant, Aug 06 2006


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