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Voice Recognition Hands Free Intercom

Hands-Free Intercom would activate when specific phrase is spoken.
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The problem with hands-free intercoms, is that they are triggered by anything, like random background noise, conversation, etc.

My idea would be to make the intercom listen for a specific pharse, such as: "Attention Intercom". Simple voice recognition technology would be employed- nothing too fancy or expensive. Once the intercom is activated, normal conversation would commence. Silence, for a specific time period would shut down the "Talk" mode, again requiring the "action phrase" to turn it on again.

headscratcher, Dec 20 2007


       You mean a phrase like "Open Sesame"?   

       Nice idea, but is it really new?   

       [edit] I was of course thinking of a door-intercom, the kind that you use in order to announce yourself to someone living in an appartment.   

       I've seen voice-recognition software on computers that responds to certain phrases - "Computer: Rook to Queen's Bishop 6" etc.
zen_tom, Dec 20 2007

       Perhaps a phrase like "Riker to Enterprise". That'd be mine.
globaltourniquet, Dec 20 2007

       This is already how voice-controlled systems work. You've used one that didn't do this?
jutta, Dec 20 2007

       Indeed. Among the many other almost luddite anachronisms that plague Star Trek, I always wondered why, besides for the average viewer's comfort with the mechanism, did they have to touch their little insignia broaches before they used them?   

       I mean, I can forgive Kirk's little analog gain dial on his backwards 23rd century walkie-talkie, but Riker and Picard couldn't do this?
globaltourniquet, Dec 20 2007

       // but Riker and Picard couldn't do this //   

       Riker does it to have somewhere to keep his gum, because he's too dim to think and chew gum at the same time, and Picard does it because his comm badge interferes with his artificial heart and gives him shooting pains all down his left arm.   

       We've never forgiven Locutus for leaving us. We still miss him. And he never sends us Christmas cards....
8th of 7, Dec 21 2007

       Please, something less retro-futuristic than "Attention Intercom". Other than that, [+].
david_scothern, Dec 22 2007

       How about, "Danger, Will Robinson ! Danger !" ?
8th of 7, Dec 22 2007


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