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Vertical House for Habitual Mountain Climbers

90 Degrees of Separation
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This is a regular single level house with two important distinctions. First, it is turned 90 degrees, and second, it is attached to a sheer cliff face. All of the furniture is nailed to the floor to prevent it from crashing into the lower wall. Hand and foot holds are conveniently cut into the floor to climb from room to room. The driveway and parking area are on top of the cliff. Anyone who wishes to "drop in" on this family better have a good aim. As an aside, real estate prices for sheer cliff faces are typically lower than that of the more conventional building sites on flat land.
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

Similar Idea, But This One Is On Flat Land, No? Vertical_20_22Mobile_22_20Homes
[Grogster, Sep 19 2010]

(?) //the toilets are horizontal and perched on what appear to be ledges// http://www.google.c...&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0
[mouseposture, Sep 19 2010]

charlie chaplin http://www.youtube....=23%2C1%2C10&page=2
About halfway [zeno, Sep 20 2010]


       Pass the crampons, please...
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

       The toilets better be horizontal.
DrWorm, Sep 19 2010

       Yep, [Dr], the toilets are horizontal and perched on what appear to be ledges. The showers are vertical, but the drain is against the lower wall. There's a similar setup in the kitchen for those appliances that need to be horizontal. The mountain climbers that will occupy this residence will save a fortune in yard maintenance.
Grogster, Sep 19 2010

       I think there's a house in New Zealand that comes close to this idea. It's built from a stack of shipping containers bolted to a cliff face.
infidel, Sep 20 2010

       Alright, [+]. Though I would personally prefer a forty-five degree angle.
DrWorm, Sep 20 2010

       That would be somewhere between 44'30" and 45'29" in a non-Euclidean plane?
infidel, Sep 25 2010


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