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In a hurry? Get that Brazilian before your flight takes off
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You sit in a kiosk type module which has a chair with some clean wrap (like at the Dr. office) . The machine closes to for your privacy and then you select from a variety of options your back, arms, etc. etc. Rollers apply wax then the tape is peeled back with precision. A spray then soothes the hardships of the procedure, you suite up and you're on your way in minutes.

Its cheap, quick, and you don't have to be burdened with broken English, or have to point in places you might want to not point at.

jamm3r, Aug 26 2013


       Presumably the booth is soundproofed to prevent other travellers being alarmed by the screams ...
8th of 7, Aug 26 2013

       Halfway through being waxed, I gave the therapist extra money to stop doing it.   

       So, if you want to double your income, have a big red button for a kill switch, clearly marked "Only £5 to stop this treatment now".
not_morrison_rm, Aug 27 2013

       Excellent! Can you extend this model to a drive-in style (like at a fast food franchise)?
Grogster, Aug 28 2013


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