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Vending Vending Machine

self vending machine
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Vending Vending Machine produces a perfectly detailed miniature replica of itself.

Simply choose one of the three sizes, small, smaller or smallest; insert payment and watch the blur of movement as the rapid action 5 axis CNC machine creates your replica from an aluminium block in a few seconds then deposits it in the collection drawer.

Cheaper version dispenses premade coloured plastic replicas.

xenzag, Oct 15 2021

Vending machine vending machine Vending_20machine_20vending_20machine
Already done this! [hippo, Oct 15 2021]

Killer Vending Machines https://en.wikipedi...i/Maximum_Overdrive
From the plot of Maximum Overdrive: "As the Earth crosses the tail of a comet, previously inanimate machines suddenly spring to life... Chaos sets in as machines of all kinds begin attacking humans worldwide... at a Little League game, a vending machine kills the coach by firing canned soda point-blank at him. ..." [a1, Oct 15 2021]

Von Neumann probes https://en.wikipedi...licating_spacecraft
And extensions of that concept [Frankx, Oct 15 2021]


       Name: Vending Machine Vending Machine shirley?
Frankx, Oct 15 2021

       I just like the simple double name so much; like Boeing Boeing
xenzag, Oct 15 2021

       [+] but only if you reassure us that the mini vending machine replicas that the machine dispenses, come pre-loaded with their own supply of micro-vending machines, each of which naturally vends nano-vending machine replicas.   

       Also the factory that produces these original proposed devices should be fully automated, with orders placed using a large button at the loading bay onto which the palleted machine is automatically ejected
pocmloc, Oct 15 2021

       It would be more impressive it if sold same size duplicates of itself.
pocmloc, Oct 15 2021

       // more impressive it if sold same size duplicates of itself //   

       You must be astonished by protozoa.
a1, Oct 15 2021

       Do they take coins, or cards?
pocmloc, Oct 15 2021

       No. Just algae, bacteria, other protozoans, and tiny particles of dead plant or animal matter. And somehow manage to build copies of themselves out of that. Lots of organisms do similar things, but people seem impressed by machines that can even give a weak imitation.
a1, Oct 15 2021

       A protozoa hunts and eats. What would a killer vending machine eat?
Condiment, Oct 15 2021

       // what would a killer vending machine eat? //   

       Killer vending machines, dispensing killers? What will they think of next?   

       Domesticated vending machines just subsist on coins, paper money, and cards. In the wild they eat anyone who passes by.
a1, Oct 15 2021

       Oh wait, killer vending machines, I get it. It's been done (link).
a1, Oct 15 2021

       Von Neumann machines.
Frankx, Oct 15 2021

       Oh actually, that argument makes it quite likely that the galaxy is teeming with murderous hive- mind machines
Frankx, Oct 15 2021

       // the galaxy is teeming with murderous hive- mind machines//   

       Oh, that would have so pleased [8th]. But then I'd throw him into a sulk again by re-iterating Fermi's question: Where are they?
a1, Oct 15 2021


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