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Warm shoes and socks.

A vending machine or kiosk to dry and warm your shoes and socks.
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A vending machine or kiosk to dry and warm your shoes and socks.

Located at train and bus stations,and airports is a vending machine or small kiosk that heats and dries your shoes and socks. Some passengers have the time and it will feel great.

Some shoes can be microwaved, but those metal parts should not be. Gas ovens with desiccants seems a good place to start.

The smells are exhausted to outside via some ducting and small fans.

Chairs with plush warmed carpet underneath give a nice place to wait while shoes and socks get the treatment.

"My feet are so warm and dry. I am so happy. I could stay in this wonderful airport forever ! " Typical customer thoughts.

Great business for a foot fetishist to run ?

popbottle, Jan 31 2015


       um, you're going to want to offer disposable odor-eating slippers with that.   

       Vacuum drying will give excellent results with no heat to damage organic components. A chamber maintained at 40C will provide enough ambient energy to flash off the moisture when it is pumped down to 10 milliBar. This will have the added advantage of removing odours with the exhausted gas which can be passed through a scrubber.   

       Once the water is gone, restore atmospheric pressure and blast with hot, dry air for a few seconds.
8th of 7, Jan 31 2015

       Could it be done without removing the feet?
pocmloc, Jan 31 2015

       Yes, but it is likely that they will wither and fall off later of their own accord. In the short term, intraveinous analgesia seems the best option.   

       It may be more efficacious to provide a small purpose-built ankle guillotine for the use of patrons.
8th of 7, Jan 31 2015

       You'll have to slather the place in antifungal and antibacterial agents.
Voice, Feb 01 2015

       Can I put my pants in there?
bungston, Feb 01 2015

       [+] Even if the implementation is half-something, the *goal* is a most excellent one.
goldbb, Feb 06 2015

       This makes me want to dance the happy dance. +
blissmiss, Feb 06 2015


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