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Venture Capital List

Puts 'bakers in contact with folks with too much money, and not enough sense
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There are, to be fair, a huge amount of hairbrained schemes and pie-in-the-sky tomfooleries on this website. That's part of its appeal, I guess. After all - where else on the web can you get honest feedback on the idea of a custard-filled speed bump?

But there are also a large number of really good ideas on this site - ideas that, with funding, could actually improve the quality of life on this planet, or at least in some countries. Sorry, Montenegro.

So why not have companies pay a fee to join a Halfbakery-approved list of contacts? After posting an idea (posting it publicly proves that you have, if nothing else, a semblance of intellectual ownership over the idea), you have the option of going to this list of companies which have expressed interest in ideas from whatever category you post under.

Each company in the list (say, Seiko, or DARPA) would list their website address and a company contact, so that you could feel out the company on your own time. Then, idea in hand (or mind) you could pitch it to an appropriate company contact.

If the company approves of the idea, and wants to fund it, you could work out a basic licensure contract (cash up front, a percentage of sales of items resulting from the company's production and marketing of this item and items based on the idea).

Again, having posted your idea on the halfbakery, you could have a reasonable legal basis to sue a company that hears your idea, shoots it down, and then attempts to derive something from that idea anyway. And the companies' payment to the list would cover the cost of list maintenance, so that we, the loyal members of the halfbakery, wouldn't have to pay a dime, other than maybe long-distance fees, to try to sell our thoughts.

And who knows? Maybe some of us (*sheepishly indicates self*) could become multibazillionaires as a result.

shapu, Jun 03 2004


       Companies (especially big companies) don’t want to hear from legitimate inventors, so they certainly wouldn’t want to hear from the bakery.
ldischler, Jun 03 2004

       Suggested name: Venture Capital List.
sartep, Jun 03 2004

       "Yes, Playskool? I heard you were interested in my 'Criboose'..."
ghillie, Jun 03 2004

       Just so we're clear, [sartep], I've never been very good with words. <long silence> *cricket* </long silence> Or wordplay.   

       Title changed.
shapu, Jun 03 2004


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