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Well now this is good news

Take that, malaria
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See link.
RayfordSteele, Mar 05 2021

RNA technology developed during pandemic to go after malaria https://academictim...ic-driven-rna-tech/
How do 'ya like me now? [RayfordSteele, Mar 05 2021]

https://www.researc...nti_malaria_therapy [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 06 2021]

Makes me wonder how flexible this technique is. https://www.cnn.com...intl-gbr/index.html
[RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2021]


       That is good news.
zen_tom, Mar 05 2021


       I swear to god, whatever universe I ported in from to get to this one had cured Malaria many years ago using magnetic fields.
I've mentioned this a couple of times on this site and it looks as though, in this universe, research into this is barely in its infancy.

       Could use some of that. (good news that is) [+]
doctorremulac3, Mar 05 2021

       What ^ said.
blissmiss, Mar 05 2021


       Does anybody listen?   

No they don't.

       Do you?   

       ^ *I* listened to you. Even did a search which brought me to ResearchGate, where a cookie implosion stymied me. The problem with a cure vs. a vaccine is that you have to get malaria first, or give it to a nonferrous rat.
4and20, Mar 06 2021

       Regarding that magnetic malaria treatment - you can't really call it a cure until it's actually cured people.   

       I've looked at the two links, and it seems to me that it would a) be really expensive, and b) not actually result in a cure.   

       The first link is a computational treatment - it just effectively says it looks possible. A1's link is an abstract only, but it mentions dialysing rats each day for 14 days, which significantly changed... some parameters (which I didn't investigate further). That's a coded message which means not cured, but apparently improved. The abstract ends saying curing may be possible, which means more research would be necessary to see if it would work.   

       I'm not saying it wouldn't be a useful treatment - it could be really good for saving people from a severe malaria crisis. But just idly claiming the problem is solved is a mistake - particularly since, as 4and20 notes, prevention is better than cure.
Loris, Mar 06 2021

       I'm saying that I actually have memories of there being media hype about finding the cure for malaria years ago and it involved standing within a certain strength of magnetic field... back in whichever universe I was in before flitting into this one.   

       This one is weird.   

       Hype? perhaps, has the research funding / grant renewal season perhaps come around again?
Skewed, Mar 06 2021

       hi [a1] just read your profile and welcome back whoever you were. ( no relation to the sauce then?)
xandram, Mar 06 2021

       //Maybe what you found was just overly enthusiastic. Years of research on it but not an effective cure yet.//   

       That's the thing, it wasn't something I found, and it didn't have anything to do with dialysis.
My memories from then are of jubilation and cheering crowds of Africans. It was huge news and pervasive.
The patient was placed entirely within a magnetic field of a certain strength and... I think they said it had to do with spinning the malaria cells until they burst leaving all other cells intact.

       Nelson Mandela didn't die in prison in that universe either...   

       Wouldn't be the patient, would be a dialysis type machine & pass the blood through the field to separate out the wrong blood cells before passing it back into the body surely?
Skewed, Mar 06 2021

       ^ Yep, in prison. Many people in this universe distinctly remember it that way.   

       //would be a dialysis type machine & pass the blood through the field to separate out the wrong blood cells before passing it back into the body surely?//   

       Nope. That's why it was such big news. The entire patient was placed within a certain magnetic field strength and all of the malaria cells burst.
We wiped it from the face of the Earth.

       //The entire patient was placed within a certain magnetic field strength and all of the malaria cells burst//   

       //We wiped it from the face of the Earth//   

       Along with everyone who had it right? :)
Skewed, Mar 06 2021

       : ]   

       I don't recall the mosquitoes or the disease itself being eradicated, just that the treatment wiped death from the disease from humans since the treatment was portable and could be administered at the first signs of symptoms.   

       Patients were completely unharmed.   

       This memory is a very strong one.
Hey, if it turns out that they eventually cure malaria in this manner... does it indicate definitive proof of a multi-verse?
...and if so, does it mean that the veil between possibilities is thinning enough for some of us to bounce between them?

       Wait, no, that was the premise of Sliders.   

       Verse hopping is not necessarily mandated as the only explanation in the event of that particular outcome.   

       Equally it could be considered to indicate merely a degree of prescience on your part.   

       Or we could of course simply fall back on the ever plausible (particularly in present company) fevered workings of a deranged mind combining with blind chance explanation, aka "you ate too much cheese & had a funny dream, it's just a coincidence that dream resembled something that then happened, had to happen eventually" ;p
Skewed, Mar 06 2021

       I will sign off on any of those reasons if it does away with death from malaria...   

       ...and doesn't get me institutionalized.   

       Though I gotta tell ya, some of the stuff I remember and know without having first learned makes me think I'll have what's behind door number four Monty.   

       [a1] Just a bad joke on my part about the sauce! Trying to see if I can figure out who used to be… Ha ha
xandram, Mar 07 2021


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