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watching halfbakes

an easily baked suggestion for halfbaked.com itself
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I didn't find anything in a search, and perhaps this has been suggested already.. but here's an idea for halfbaked.com itself... a tracker that allows one to keep an eye on an entry (and not just your own)... there are a lot of times when i get interested in the outcome of an idea and check back a day or week later to see what's been said... learned some really interesting things that way...

all i want is a button near the annotate link that just says "track this halfbake" and would then file it away in a list of ones i'm watching.

photojunkie, Jul 13 2004

Sample view http://www.halfbake..._20I_27m_20watching
This view has only Panic PIN, this idea and one of mine, by name. Click edit, add names to the list (near the middle) and at the very bottom give it a name to save it as part of your account. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


You could just bookmark it.
//easily baked//
OK, get coding.
angel, Jul 13 2004

       Thankyou angel, I thought this was a great idea that I needed until I read your anno. I can't believe I didn't think of that.
wagster, Jul 13 2004

       You can create a custom view to do this, and it will automatically percolate updated ideas to the top, so you can see what changed. See link for a sample.
krelnik, Jul 13 2004

       I do exactly this by setting up a view using the filter to just show only my annotations. i can therefore go to "My Annos" view and look at all the ideas I've commented on recently in one place. Easy. If you don't know how to set up a view, go to the help page.
goff, Jul 13 2004

phoenix, Jul 13 2004

       I do that as well goff, but sometimes I'd like to be able to follow an idea that I have nothing to contribute to as well. This, although almost certainly not worth the bother, would suite me quite well.
RobertKidney, Jul 13 2004

       I'm sure I read an "Add to Favourites Feature" type of idea recently, but I'm danged if I can find it.
Detly, Jul 13 2004

       Sorry to defend something like the halfbaked.com mistake, but maybe photojunkie is as devoted as I am to halfbakery. I modified my hosts file so that I only type "h" into my Address bar and it resolves to the right IP. Maybe photo has a similar excuse.   

       I never forgot the real name though.
swamilad, Jul 13 2004

       Okay, ok ok. You got me on the name thing.. pat yourselves on the back... and as far as bookmarks, that's not really a suggestion as much as a cop out. If i bookmarked every idea that caught my eye, I'd have to then search through them one at a time to find out which had been updated... that's not only annoying, but time consuming when the bookmark folder started to fill up...   

       Goff and krelnik had a decent suggestion for a workaround, and I'm going to use that personally. However, I'd still like to be able to watch something without commenting on it (as this workaround requires) because I'm not always able to say something relevant or useful to the topic, and i refuse to make some "yeah, that sounds cool" comment to act as a placeholder.   

       Angel: It is easy to code, assuming the coding skills are there.. I'm not a coder but the user pages already have a list of the bakes I've written, so I'm assuming that a list of bakes i want to watch isn't very different and would be pretty painless to implement.   

       EDIT: On closer inspection, the link krelnik gave had bakes watched by name, meaning that you would need to enter manualy in the name of every bake you wanted to watch on the view page. I got a little dyslexic with his and goff's comments. It was goff's idea that I think works but requires you to anno something you want to watch   

       also. swamilad, thanks for the defense, but really i just shorten everything when i type or speak... extra sylables being for suckers and all.
photojunkie, Jul 14 2004

       Your user page has a list of your ideas because (I hope that [jutta] will excuse me if the following does not precisely describe how the Halfbakery software works; I believe that it is sufficently close to be a useable analogy) each idea represents an entry in a database which includes the creator, and your user page shows those entries which have you as the creator. Similarly, each idea's record includes a category, so a list of ideas in a particular category can be easily produced. However, to fulfil your request, there would need to be a record somewhere of each idea (I'm guessing there must be thousands now) that each user (hundreds?) wants to track. I know how I'd do it in a RDBMS; I have no idea how to implement it in the Halfbakery software. Anyway, that's relatively the easy bit; the interface would be more of a task. To say that something is easy if one has the skill rather misses the point; it assumes that a programmer can easily make an application do anything.
angel, Jul 14 2004

       yes angel, it does make assumptions. but seeing as this sort of thing (in the form of 'watch this thread') exists on thousands of diffrent message boards, which use just about every net language out there at some point or another, I still contend that it wouldn't be that hard. To say something is hard just because You or I can't do it is falling into the same logic trap as saying that it's Easy.
photojunkie, Jul 14 2004

       photojunkie - I think, that krelik's link (variation on the view idea) solves the problem without any changes required. What exactly is wrong with it?
goff, Jul 15 2004

       nothing is wrong with it, but i'd just like a simpler way of doing it. In such that I could log onto the main page, have the new bakes listed and then in a sidebar have my watched bakes that had new comments on them listed... or perhaps I just like buttons...
photojunkie, Jul 15 2004

       How about, on the ideas you want to look at, after an annotation, you sign-off with [zt!] or appropriate - and then have a saved-view that looks for entries containing [zt!]? This would separate annos/ideas that you cared for and those that you don't.   

       Of course, it could get silly, if too many people adopted this more obtrusive method things could get pretty messy. It would be nice to be able to invisibly annotate (i.e. only you would be able to see what you'd written/bookmarked, or whatever use you had for posting invisibly)
zen_tom, Jul 17 2004

       [egnor] used to do that, but someone (naming no names) spoiled it.
angel, Jul 17 2004

Invisible annotations -- love it!
(but how would you edit them?)
Ling, Jul 18 2004

       // [egnor] used to do that, but someone (naming no names) spoiled it. //   

       Thanks for the consideration, angel, but 'tis no problem. I'm happy to admit it was me, and I'd like to explain why, too.   

       Background: soon after jutta instituted the views capability at the bakery, egnor used it to develop a method of eliminating ideas that he didn't want to see in his recent view. He would tag ideas with "[egnor yuck boring]" and was obviously using a view that removed ideas with those tags.   

       This annoyed me because it reminded me of a dog coming along and pissing on something he didn't like. Long after he left, his mark was there for everyone else to see, though he'd never see it again.   

       So I retaliated. I started marking many ideas with this same tag, making them disappear from his view. I enlisted some accomplices as well.   

       After a while he apparently noticed he had hardly any ideas in his recent view. (Actually I think what brought it to his attention was when we marked some of his own ideas.)   

       Anyway, some other shit happened that I won't get into, but it was resolved and he no longer uses the tag system. See po's 'big hug seatbelt' idea for what appears to be the last vestige of his counter-attack.
waugsqueke, Jul 18 2004


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