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Wal*mart Campground

Ever noticed all the campers at Wal*mart?
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Have you ever noticed all the campers that stay in Wal*Mart (or other neighborhood getitallthere store)for a night on the way to wherever? So why doesn't Wal*Mart offer a few hookups for a small fee so these people can plug in their stuff and be comfortable? I understand it's not their problem really, but it could bring in a few extra bucks...you know like pay toilets or something? Maybe?
waxingpoetic, Dec 05 2002

Nearly baked. http://thunderbay.i...08/1264_comment.php
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I'm pretty sure that WalM doesn't need the "few extra bucks". That aside, there are liability issues here which, I'm sure, prohibit WM from even considering this idea.
Marassa, Dec 05 2002

       [marassa], be technical, why don't ya?
waxingpoetic, Dec 05 2002

       wow this moves around the HB aswell..where next?
skinflaps, Dec 05 2002

       small huts could be erected to "house" homeless people, who would work the campground at night, and make extra cash during the day bringing carts back to the store for re-use. It would create a new subculture of kooks, with names like "the Depot dudes" and such....
trible, Dec 05 2002

       There was a piece on Frontline or 20/20 or one of those shows that reported about the camping policy at Walmart stores. Apparently, campsite operators are up in arms about the loss of business. Also, because some Walmarts are on leased land, the land owner can (and has in a couple of cases) prohibited campers from overnighting on the property.
bristolz, Dec 05 2002


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