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Vertical Egg Holder

Egg Holder for the side of the fridge.
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The Vertical Egg Holder can be glued to the side of your fridge or be supported with the flat stand attachment so that your eggs can be stored in little hemispherical voids on the side of your fridge.

A finger sized hole is left in the bottom of the hemispherical void to let you pop the egg out of its holder.

Zimmy, Jul 30 2005

Vertical Egg Holder http://www.geocitie...ail/HB/eggwall.html
PDF of [Zimmy]'s idea [Worldgineer, Aug 01 2005]

My attempt at an illustration http://jinbish.mult...hotos/photo/8/1.jpg
Sorry if this isn't accurate Zimmy and forgive me for my light-heartedness but it's been a long day at the office. [Jinbish, Aug 01 2005]

A different approach... http://bz.pair.com/fun/eggrack.jpg
Well, my intention was to illustrate this invention for [Zimmy] but, I went off on a tangent along the way: a chainlink egg holder. Hangs on the inside of the fridge door. Folds up for storage. Throw in the dishwasher to clean. [bristolz, Aug 02 2005]

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       what's a v oid?   

       the fridge is ovi-depositing.   

       oh my gawd, I think I understand and I wish I didn't.
po, Jul 30 2005

       Well, I don't and I wish I did. Can you share your concerns?
Basepair, Jul 30 2005

       I think I understand, [po] & I'd like to say that this is only a space saving - daily utilitarian idea. Nothing more.
Zimmy, Jul 31 2005

       I'm way confused. Are you talking about storing your eggs on the outside of your fridge, where it is hot, due to the motor? Confused. Picture?
blissmiss, Jul 31 2005

       No, on the inside. on the vertical surface (let's say right hand side) will be a group of pockets that will hold eggs.   

       I know that a hole in a void is a very strange concept, but I cou'n't think of how better to describe it.
Zimmy, Jul 31 2005

       Baked. If I understand you correctly, this is a series of approximately hemispherical dips in a piece of plastic held on the inside of the fridge.   

       I have this in my kitchen - it is very useful (unless you have more than 7 eggs).
dbmag9, Jul 31 2005

       Yeah I was thinking this was baked but was sure I must have been missing something. Maybe I still am, I'm not sure.
pooduck, Jul 31 2005

       I've drawn up a front & side view on autocad, If I convert that to a PDF would someone be able to link it? - I'm very specialized in my computer skills.
Zimmy, Aug 01 2005

       I think my Granny might be able to knit one of these - you could hang it from one of the shelves.
zen_tom, Aug 01 2005

       If I read this correctly [Zimmy] intends to try to utilize potentially unused space for egg storage in a vertical format instead of the typical horizontal egg-tray a lot of refrigerators come with (as mentioned by [dbmag9]). In order to hold the eggs without breaking them he is suggesting some kind of plastic "egg-cup" arrangement with a small opening on its bottom side to allow for easier removal of the egg. I just have a couple of questions before I bun this: if the holders are arranged vertically where is the hole located? If it is on the bottom it will be blocked by the next egg below. And will the egg holder allow for all sizes of eggs?   

       On the fishbone side: If the goal is to acquire more storage space why couldn't you do this right now by standing the egg carton on its end? If you're afraid of it falling over you could prop it up with the ketchup bottle.
Canuck, Aug 01 2005

       Given that eggs are very strong in compression, you could just have a long 1-egg-diameter 6-eggs-high tube, vertically mounted with stiffish rubber fingers forming a sort of, errr, sphincter at the bottom. When you pushed the seventh egg into the top, the bottom one would be expelled. I can only see two flaws with this design:   

       a) It is unappetisingly reminiscent of the Happy Hen Crap Packer in its general sphinctral characteristic   

       b) You have to put an egg in the top to get one out of the bottom. But on the other hand, this seems only fair.   

       c) Loading the tube with the first two eggs would be hazardous.
Basepair, Aug 01 2005

       [Zim] send me an e-mail and I'll post your drawings.   

       I'm picturing something similar to [base], except you pull eggs out the front. This allows the unit to operate even when it isn't full. Also, have alternating bumps on the side, so eggs have to zigzag down and not come crashing down when you fill it.
Worldgineer, Aug 01 2005

       Eventually, you'll need to clean this. +
reensure, Aug 01 2005

       //c) Loading the tube with the first two eggs would be hazardous.//   

       If it was shipped with a number of ping-pong balls, you could solve that problem.
zen_tom, Aug 01 2005

       //If it was shipped with a number of ping-pong balls//   

       Blasphemy!! Er, anyway...   

       This is a great Halfbakery idea. I don't know why this isn't bunned within an inch of it's life.
Jinbish, Aug 01 2005

       The idea would probably be much better if it worked like [Worldgineer]'s description. I usually buy eggs in a 2 1/2 dozen box that has a slide out piece of cardboard, so I can't use that vertically.
Zimmy, Aug 01 2005

       //Eventually, you'll need to clean this.// No, I think it was meant to be part of the fridge. Therefore, you get a new one when you get a new fridge, avoiding the whole cleaning issue.
Basepair, Aug 01 2005

       I like your drawing, [bris]. Kind of an industrial look that would likely go well with a stainless steel 'fridge.
Worldgineer, Aug 02 2005

       I should've formed the wire to cup the eggs a bit more but you get the idea. Hangs from a door shelf. Probably impractical because it'd cover shelves.
bristolz, Aug 02 2005

       I'm seeing the chainlink thing or the original idea hanging from the side of a shelf, like a wine bottle hangar.
Worldgineer, Aug 02 2005

       It's funny how I feel quite a lot of people have better ideas than I did about how to store eggs in a space efficient manner.   

       cool drawings - [bris] & [Jinbish].
Zimmy, Aug 02 2005


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