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Vertical drawers

Orthogonal furniture transformation
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The problem with a chest of drawers is that you end up with piles of T-shirts and jeans loaded one on top of another. Even if you neatly folded everything when you put it away you can't easily see what's at the bottom of each drawer and it becomes a LIFO inventory management system.

There's a Japanese woman on the telly who's made a career out of folding clothes slightly differently. She insists that the right and proper method is to stack your clothes the other way, so that the folded edge is vertically oriented, allowing you to see everything at once. It sort of works, so all credit to her. But you do need to learn a new folding technique which is pretty controversial.

Much easier shirley to re-engineer the furniture. If the drawers were on vertical slides then you could just pack your clothes in in the usual way and still be able to survey the full wardrobe. Obviously gravity would be against you, but only half the time, and this could probably be overcome with springs and magnets. Also, stuff would be presented to you at eye level which is better.

EnochLives, Jan 03 2019




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