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Water Rocket Grapnel

Go vertical when you want to or carry a refeshing drink!
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This tool consists of a water rocket with a light-weight grapnel attached, which in turn is connected to spool of light rope, and an air pump. You angle the device, pump up the air pressure and then send the grapnel and rocket flying over the nearby obstacle. As the rocket flies away the rope is spooled out from the tools base allowing you to climb up the rope once the grapnel has found a solid footing.

If you find nothing vertical to clamber over on your walk you can always just drink the water ...

Aristotle, Apr 15 2002


       am grapnelling with this and may come up with something sensible in the morning. too many obsticals to overcome one way or another.
po, Apr 15 2002

       I haven't played with a water rocket in - oh - 25 years! I'd forgotten about them. Not too keen on the climbing bit, though.
quarterbaker, Apr 15 2002

       Croissant for the accident potential alone.
phoenix, Apr 16 2002

       I like it--would be great for getting a rope over tree branches high above the ground.
Dog Ed, Apr 17 2002

       How about a really big rocket and a really long rope and then just haul in some green cheese.
FarmerJohn, Apr 17 2002

       I think that the prongs of the grapnel hook would be released as the water rocket passed it`s apex and started to plummet. They would have to be made of something something light, tough but strong.   

       FarmerJohn: Would that be Green Weslydale, by any chance?
Aristotle, Apr 17 2002


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