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Wound Up Nut Case

Helps everyone who already has a screw loose.
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Once a screw, or a nut, has already been sufficiently loosened using a wrench, the fingers of the hand can be used to turn it the rest of the way. However, this type of action can be quite tedius.

A Wound Up Nut Case is a simple ratcheting device that can be turned by the palms of the hand, instead of just the fingers, which is easier. Once wound this stored energy can be applied to the already loosened screw, once released it will turn the screw or nut the rest of the way.

rcarty, Sep 14 2011


       Phew! Not a clockwork scrotum-cosy then.
hippo, Sep 14 2011

       I was going to point out that [8th of 7] is already WKTE, but apparently I'm in the wrong room.   

Alterother, Sep 16 2011


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