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Video Rental Return

Convenient method for returning videos
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While internet-based video rental allows renters to receive and return videos via standard mail, many of us prefer to visit our local video store. The drawback of going this route is that you have to get in your car to return the video.

My suggestion to the bricks & mortar video rental shops is to offer at checkout an optional prepaid envelope that can be used to return the video. They get their movies back quicker and I avoid having to make the drive back to the store. I suppose the drawback to the store is if we are forced to drive back, we may be suckered in for another rental.

jimmyhoffa, Dec 31 2006

Pre-paid shipping http://www.rogersvi.../SignUp/land02.aspx
[kdmurray, Jan 01 2007]


       buying is the new renting.
shinobi, Dec 31 2006

       Stores are already accustomed to getting their discs returned via a slot, so no need to worry that they'll nix this idea because it doesn't bring people inside. On the contrary, having this option makes it more palatable to visit the store now and then and pick up a few titles. You could take them with you on a road trip and mail them back as you finished watching.
waghdude, Dec 31 2006

       Where we are this has been baked for some time. (see link) The difference here I guess is that instead of a one-time thing, this is a subscription service.
kdmurray, Jan 01 2007

       They don't do NetFlix where you are?
DrCurry, Jan 01 2007

       Blockbuster does something like this. You subscribe to their internet service and get one free rental every so often - I believe it's a week.
shapu, Jan 01 2007

       It is my understanding the online services of Netflix, Blockbuster and others like the link that was attached all provide pre-paid envelopes for rental returns. This idea however is regarding rentals made at local retail stores.
jimmyhoffa, Jan 02 2007

       This is not so much an invention as a suggestion. I would not be surprised if a letter to your rental store (or their corporate overlords) were to get this implemented. You might even get a couple of free rentals out of it.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 02 2007

       //buying is the new renting.//   

       downloading is the new buying.
Trickytracks, Jan 02 2007

       peer2peer is the new downloading.
4whom, Jun 18 2008


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