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Video strobe light

It's seizurific!
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A xenon strobe light synced to a video camera, flashing once every frame. It looks like a steady light to the camera, but has a few interesting features.

Firstly, it nearly eliminates motion blur, ensuring even the fastest action is crisp. Second, strobing effects become much more apparent. Wheels spinning at the right rate will appear completely stationary.

But most importantly is the power consumption. Each flash is a high wattage burst of plasma, but only lasts a few milliseconds. Even at 30Hz, it draws significantly less power than a regular light of similar brightness. The low duty cycle makes it battery friendly.

Aq_Bi, Jun 22 2007


       For saving battery life, I will give you the bonus. But this system is used for high speed surface inspection by Unilux.
Ling, Jun 22 2007

       While xenon lights are quite suitable, today's white LEDs would be more efficient, no need for high voltage generation, longer useful life, etc. +
csea, Jun 22 2007


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