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Visual Instructions for Dogs

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Do dogs know what to do?

I have observed that dogs generally just don't know what to do with themselves.

Are you tired of the same old ball licking and sock consumption and expelling.

This invention is a series of picture books printed in black and white that you can show your dog to give them ideas of alternate activities they may be inspired to pursue.

Some possible subjects slipper retrieval news paper retrieval bathroom toilet paper stocking urination on neighbors flower beds

vfrackis, May 16 2015

how to teach your dog to read https://www.google....ch+your+dog+to+read
serious [notexactly, May 31 2015]


       Would it be called 'Every Dog Has its Doodle'?
xenzag, May 17 2015

       A new smell on every page ?   

       Foot switch to turn pages ?   

       Centerfold could be a tree or dog. Both bark.
popbottle, May 17 2015

       The rumor dogs only see in black and white, is a bit overdone. Besides most books will be bought by color seeing humans, since dogs are not major buyers of books of any kind.
popbottle, May 31 2015


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