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(Access for All) (Formerly Facetublebookmazon) a group of simple, accessible versions of Internet services
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This is an internet service that combines a simple search like Duck Duck Go (which is like google as of about 2001), with a similarly simple version of youtube, amazon, iTunes, Facebook, google maps, Dropbox, and the apple ios devices -- no advertising, bare bones, just what works, no games, no crap, accessible to blind people, encourages accessibility to folks with intellectual disabilities through simple and clear language. This can't be that hard to do. It's either the law, money or a correct framing of the issue that's getting in the way. If it is the laws then we need to change them because they are holding everybody back. If its money then China should take up this challenge because eventually they are going to have all the money in the world. If its the framing of the issue then some college should just whip up a prototype and let the prototype frame the issue for itself.

Instead of Facebook with the games and the timeline etc. I just want a list of my friends, a way to communicate with them that gives me the choice of text, audio or video and archives, and a news page that lists their most recent public communications. Nothing else please, no logos, no advertisements, no apps, no pop up windows, no expanding menue, no location feature, no tool tips mouseovers, no complicated crap about the difference between company pages and individual pages, or groups or events, no event feature, anything else?

This service should be called "xs4l" -- access for all.

JesusHChrist, Nov 18 2012

DuckDuckGo http://duckduckgo.com/
[JesusHChrist, Nov 18 2012]

A quick check shows that DuckDuckGo is supported by advertising, so perhaps I'm missing your point? http://duckduckgo.com/?q=jesus+h+christ
(See "sponsored link" at top) [DrCurry, Nov 19 2012]

Audio XS4L AudioXS4All
[JesusHChrist, May 14 2013]


       Great idea - of course, allowing the understanding that it will be very expensive to operate, will make no money, will be a security nightmare, and will be sued out of existence. Other than that, sounds like a winner!
lurch, Nov 18 2012

       // encourages accessibility to folks with intellectual disabilities //   

       Worst case, you'd end up with Democrats trying to use it, and that's not going to end well.   

       // This can't be that hard to do. //   

       The basic principles are very simple, same as powered flight and fusion reactors. No over- unity, no perpetual motion, no need for Unobtanium … easy-peasy …
8th of 7, Nov 18 2012

       How is "I want this thing that already exists, but without any advertising" a new idea?   

       I'm sure it would be easy to knock up a scraper that extracted the info you want from the many existing social sites, but you'd still have to pay for it somehow.
DrCurry, Nov 19 2012

       I thought it was a clothing size for disproportioned people who have trouble finding sizes which are simultaneously Extra Small but still 4L
AusCan531, May 14 2013


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