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Throw your non funtional iPod at your non functional TV while pretending to play tennis on your imaginary console.
Giblet, Jun 26 2007


       This is groundbreaking. (+)
Jinbish, Jun 26 2007

       + I think it's TV breaking.
xandram, Jun 26 2007

       [+] - Against my better judgement.
wagster, Jun 26 2007

       From rant to idea in one simple anno. The new iDance attachment fits to your iPod and limbs so that when you dance to the music, it gives you a score (like those Japanese arcade games)
marklar, Jun 26 2007

       I deleted NuclearHobo's Mark-for-deleteion message, sine he does that indiscriminately and too quick out of the box.   

       Some day I may see a comment from him about an idea instead of trying to mark-for-delete any chance he gets.
Giblet, Jun 26 2007

       This is not a rant, and here is why.   

       I don't own an iPod, I don't own a broken TV, and I don't own a Wii.   

       People all over the world are accidentally hurling their Wii controllers through their TV screen.   

       Since this is under the Art category, it is a play on modern consumerism and the items we covet.   

       How is art a rant? I have an idea, an implementation, and a final piece for display in a gallery.
Giblet, Jun 26 2007

       That's all very well [Giblet], but deleting someone's [mfd] tag is not the right course of action. Defend yourself, as you have in your second anno, and either the marker will remove the mfd themselves, or the moderators will remove it for them - should they feel the idea warrants survival.   

       Deleting someone's [mfd] tag renders the flag's uses pointless.
theleopard, Jun 26 2007

       if its art, are you selling tickets?
po, Jun 26 2007

       OK, after deleteing it I kinda thought it was the wrong move.   

       However, before hand, I did a search of NuclearHobo and mark-for-deletion, and it was pretty extensive result list. Disproportionally long.   

       And no, Po, I am not selling tickets, since this idea is only half baked. Otherwise it would already exist, or am i missing the point of this site?
Giblet, Jun 26 2007

       Please don't expect any more than you give. The apparent idea would be a wii compatible ipod, no? And, if no, then [marked-for-deletion] no apparent idea.
daseva, Jun 26 2007

       Since you've deleted my MFD, I will have to delete the bun that went with it (I guess you didn't see that little bracketed plus sign at the end of my anno).   

       And while I still like your idea, it is still clearly a rant, let's all or advocacy (if not all of the above) and not an invention at all. Not that it makes any difference to me, but hey, rules are rules.
nuclear hobo, Jun 26 2007

       I'm with [nuclear_hobo], what is this crap!?   

       [marked for deletion].... btw, first one ever!
quantum_flux, Jun 26 2007

       I think I have to side with [nuclear hobo] as well. Both with the m-f-d and the bun. Very funny, but not really an idea.
wagster, Jun 26 2007

       From Private Eye Magazine:   

       Och Aye Pod (located in Sporran)
Way Aye Pod (located in Newcastle)
W.I. Pod (Located in a cake - only plays "Jerusalem")
gnomethang, Jun 26 2007

       [admin: This is neither a rant (what on earth about?) or a let's all (it's a project for one person). The idea stands. If you think it's a stupid piece of conceptual art, feel free to tell the poster in English.]
jutta, Jun 26 2007

       I think this is a stupid piece of conceptual art.
jhomrighaus, Jun 26 2007

       sp. functional
jhomrighaus, Jun 26 2007

       This category is apparently as close to being MFD-proof as one can get. Maybe I should post all my ideas here.
nuclear hobo, Jun 27 2007

       And as a protest by the artist against baker's inhumanity to baker's, you could emefdee your own ideas.
normzone, Jun 27 2007

       NuclearHobo, sorry for deleting your annotation, if I was able to undelete it, I would have.   

       And yes, I did post in this category since I figured it was safer here :)
Giblet, Jun 27 2007

       I think of it more of a "let's all not and say we didn't" type of thing.   

       Also, those are our words. I think the words "imaginary" and "non-functional" are fighting words unless you happen to be a mathematician or an engineer.
quantum_flux, Jun 27 2007

       I'll leave my bun as I thought it's just a silly little idea, but who would really want to watch it as *performance art*?
xandram, Jun 27 2007

       stupid obviously. [+]
jonthegeologist, Jun 27 2007


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