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Zoetrope Live!

Just one at a time.
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This is a large spinning disk rotating sixteen times per minute. Along the outer edge of the disk stand 90 well trained volunteers, each under 75kg, supported by unobtrusive chains and harnesses strung to the center axis.

Of these folk;

The first one is looking at his pants; the second still looking at his pants, the third, looking at the pants but getting closer to making a decision, etc... a typical morning. The very last, has his pants on.

Lights are flickering on at 24hz, and off about the same.

Each 3.75 seconds, every volunteer moves into a new pose, with the first in line performing a pose about four hundredths of a second beyond the pose the last in line had just executed.

It continues for about ten minutes, describing the early morning rituals of a typical American.

This is performed at art spaces or at festivals, for amusement and reflection.

mylodon, Oct 16 2017


       It would certainly be a unique performance art installation.   

       [+] for a genuine novelty.
8th of 7, Oct 16 2017

       Could be scary too - if the people are spaced out 1m apart around the circumference then the circumference is 90m long. One revolution takes 3.75s so the people are travelling at 24m/s
hippo, Oct 16 2017

       Without external references, constant rotational and translational velocities aren't apparent. All the participants would be aware of is the centripetal force.
8th of 7, Oct 16 2017


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