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Wake-Up Pills

Help you wake up from those short-sleep nights...
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thought of this one in college -- it could basically be a No-Doz or some kind of caffeine pill with a time-released coating -- could come in different doses -- the 2 hour pill, 4 hour pill, etc. So, after a long night of studying (or some other activity) when you know you have to be up in 2 hours, you pop one of these pills and by the time your alarm goes off, caffeine is flowing through your veins, making it MUCH easier to get up...
JT, Jun 29 2000

SnoozAlert http://www.thinkgee...41/snoozalert.shtml
ThinkGeek April Fools' 2005, adds a sleeping pill component. [jutta, Sep 21 2007]


       Better yet, it would be caffeine wrapped in a sleeping pill. Take it and you're instantly asleep; at the appointed time you're instantly wide awake.   

       Melatonin regulation, as in Egan's _Distress_, would probably work better than caffeine. Ever had the experience of being really really tired *and* wired at the same time? No fun.
egnor, Jun 30 2000

       Been done, called Christmas Trees.
yomarkos, Jul 14 2000

       To make this really work it should be a small pill coating machine that allows you to time-coat pills to your needs, so you can calibrate the wake up time to your digestion rate (varies based on your metabolism)
futurebird, Jul 14 2001

       It needs some kind of bladder relaxation medicine in there too, to keep you from having to pee during the night.
phundug, Sep 21 2007


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