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Wake me up, before you go-go...

Bathaoke alarm clock.
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I like to sing in the shower, but it's more exciting to sing in front of an audience. Of course, no audience would volunteer to hear me sing (don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly good singer, but I'm not famous... yet) but there's always a way, there's always a way.

I shower in the mornings, therefore I sing in the mornings. Many people do, actually. Also, like me, many people have trouble getting up early: it's easy to stretch an arm out and shut the alarm clock off to fall back asleep. They need something to make sure this won't happen; they need a loud voice to wake them up, a loud voice that can't be shut off until they're in the shower, getting ready to go and, of course, singing.

A Shower karaoke or Batharoke (see link), a wired, easy to use alarm setter, to be programmed before going to sleep, and speakers are installed in these people's homes.

When the alarm does its job, another user's voice -probably very annoying- ,who is already in the shower singing a song, will be heard loudly through the speakers. You'll get up, for sure, and get in the shower, where the stranger voice will cease as soon as your start singing along with the karaoke track, to wake up another user (for random duets, please specify on the alarm setter the night before).

Looking for fame and fortune? Who knows, the right person might just be on the other side of the wire, about to hear you perform live.

An efficient wake up call and an audience for the amateur singer, everybody is happy. Talent seeker? You don't want to sing but want to wake up in time? You get only the speakers, which are turned off the moment the water starts running in your shower.

Pericles, May 01 2005

(?) Inspired by Bathaoke
Thanks UB! [Pericles, May 01 2005]

Wham! Ouch! Fatal_20Auto_20Collision_20Song
[ato_de, May 03 2005]

"Dancing Queen" for 4 Hours http://www.coudal.com/abbavideo.php
This guy voluntarily subjected himself to Abba's "Dancing Queen" during a road trip. Beware auto-loading Quicktime .mov. [Acme, May 03 2005]


       I'm beginning to think the western paradigm for success should include the luxury of showers alone.
reensure, May 01 2005

       There was a gentleman who ran his car off the road and was trapped in the wreck for 8 hours before someone found him.   

       This was in the heyday of the reversing casette player. He had to listen to "Wham" and the casette containing "Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go" the entire time.   

       He said the first couple of hours weren't too bad, but.......
normzone, May 03 2005

       The poor, poor man. <shudders> And after a few hours, diminishing battery voltage would lead to "waaake mmmeeeeeee uuuppppp bbbeffooorrreee yoouuuu ggoo ggoo..."
david_scothern, May 03 2005

       Double Whammy.
mensmaximus, May 03 2005

       he needed [link].
ato_de, May 03 2005

       It's a whole new category in the personal columns, isn't it: I Heard You in the Bath This Morning.
moomintroll, May 03 2005

       what about that day where you're too late to have time to shower? Wodl you ahve to shower when you got home from work so that it wodl shut up and you could get some sleep?
Gallo Pinto, Mar 14 2007

       pErchanze not to sleap byt toi drem.   

       Hey where is that Mexican Tamale?
blissmiss, Mar 15 2007

       Hell... it's been loooong!
Pericles, Jun 25 2009

       too... looooong! :)
po, Feb 18 2010

       Waaaaaaayyyyy toooo long you Mexican Tamale.
blissmiss, Feb 18 2010


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