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Take pictures without falling down.
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Today I went for a walk along a beautiful tree-lined path and decided to take pictures. Yet, every time I wanted to take a picture, the risk of falling was heightened when I had to release my walker and try to compose the picture. The tremors in my hands made most of the pictures quite blurry.

The WalkerCam has the all controls on the hand grips and has a detached LCD screen mounted on the top cross brace. I can adjust the exposure and the zoom, focus, f-stop and aperture right from my fingertips without releasing my grip on my walker. The functions I would normally see through the viewfinder are available on my screen.

Klaatu, Jul 14 2008

The Walker-Cam Prototype http://myleftgonad...._08_01_archive.html
[Klaatu, Jul 14 2008]

Self-Levelling Walker Self-levelling_20walker
steady-cam? [csea, Jul 14 2008]

The 6-Step Stroll That Inspired This Idea http://myleftgonad....l-through-park.html
[Klaatu, Jul 14 2008]

Norton_20Commando_20Variation_20Zimmer you might want one of these instead of your boring old "walker" [xenzag, Jul 16 2008]


       Cool, a quadrapod! + Might be combined with [link].
csea, Jul 14 2008

       This is good for taking pictures of muggers too (there could be a "omnidirectional" setting)
phundug, Jul 14 2008

       + there should be more things available like this!
xandram, Jul 15 2008

       And here I was thinking this would be a Chuck Norris - related idea.
Custardguts, Jul 15 2008

       The *other* Walker-Cam lets you replay the instant Chuck Norris ripped out your still-beating heart with just his little finger.
Klaatu, Jul 15 2008

       Like the walkers on Star Wars, I want lasers on mine.   

4whom, Jul 16 2008

       // + there should be more things available like this!//   

       Automatic anno?   

       So, is this baked or not? I can't tell from the photo. Anyways, I'd suspect you want to control the angle and positioning of the camera, as well?
daseva, Jul 16 2008

       //So, is this baked or not?//   

       It is not. The photo was cobbled together in Paint®. If you bake it, I will come to buy it. I also figured the angle could be set with a simple friction coupling.
Klaatu, Jul 17 2008


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