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Walking on water

Raise robotic arms and walk on them
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This floor consists of a pool, sensors, and a number of robotic actuators. The sensors detect when anything is near the floor and position a support under it, such that each time a foot (or anything else) lands on the floor a solid support is moved under it before it arrives.

The top of the supports are made of a material with the same refractive index as water. The bottoms where the robotics are are made to look like fish.

Pumps inset into the bottoms of the supports keep them from splashing or pushing around the water too much.

The water is warmed and it is suggested to go barefoot and not drop your phone. (the phone would end up in about an inch of water)

edit: It occurs to me that an inch of water underlayed with a good bit of glass underlayed with a pool would serve exactly the same purpose, but unfortunately that wouldn't be nearly as complicated, dangerous, expensive, or failure-prone.

Voice, Apr 07 2020


       (+) but the tech team is going to have a riot with this one.   

       Oh sorry... it was a malfunctioning grommet on the servo.   


       if you want to walk on water, find a frozen pond
theircompetitor, Apr 07 2020

       //The bottoms where the robotics are are made to look like fish.// [+]
wagster, Apr 07 2020

       Could a large swarm of robotic fish support a walking human?
wjt, Apr 09 2020

       I have trouble walking on sidewalks, so water may not be my thing. ( I broke my arm walking down a San Francisco cracked cement sidewalk, on my way to a doctor appointment for a sore back.)   

       At least I wouldn't break anything when I fall. Now drowning, that's a whole nother ballgame.
blissmiss, Apr 09 2020

       // robotic fish //   

       Most "walk on water" ideas rely on buoyancy.   

       What about footwear with impeller vectored thrusters below the water level ? With dynamic active thrust control, the equivalent of sideways frictional force could be provided.   

       // broke my arm ... on my way to ... appointment for a sore back. //   

       <Regards [bliss] doubtfully/>   

       Have you ever heard the term "incident prone" ?
8th of 7, Apr 09 2020


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