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Dress up to commemorate your lost love.
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In days long past, it was said that on one night out of the year, the dead disguised themselves and walked among the living, seeking souls to drag back to the underworld. The living dressed as if dead on this night -- the eve of All Souls' Day -- to celebrate the very fact that they lived. A day now associated with darkness and death is in fact a tender tribute to life itself.

I propose that one day out of the year -- the day before Valentine's Day -- be renamed Wallow-een. On this day, you can dress to mourn, imitate, celebrate, mock, or otherwise exorcise the one you loved and lost ... you may even mock love itself. You might dress as your former beloved, but paint "his" face half angel and half devil, to more closely match the man you knew. You may dress as the person for whom your lover left you, and carry a bloody knife to drive the point home. You may even choose to disguise yourself as a giant pulsing heart. The costume, like the choice to celebrate the day at all, is up to you.

On this day, you may get together with friends and throw pity parties. You may go bobbing for bitter lemons. You may even "haunt" your former beloved, but all of this is beside the point. The point is in dressing up: showing the world that you have been hurt, and hurt badly, but are still here -- among the living, the hopeful, the available.

One day, one night. As Valentine's Day arrives, the costume comes off; your life returns to normal; you continue living your post-heartbreak life, wallow-free. And when the waves of grief wash over you again, you stand strong among them ... planning what you will wear next year.

[Dedicated, with love, to the lonely-heart posters at the "Anti-Unrequited-Love Drug" thread.]

1percent, Apr 15 2003


       Burn prom dresses in his front yard, even.
bristolz, Apr 15 2003

       Obligatory RIP Sam Kinison Post
thumbwax, Apr 15 2003

       I will need a shirt with several steak knife handles sticking out of the back of it.   

       At least they weren't butcher's knives.
bristolz, Apr 15 2003

phoenix, Apr 16 2003

       "Tricks" and "treats" would have a whole new meaning.
beauxeault, Apr 16 2003

       ...and would quickly supplant the original intent as the focus of the celebration.
beauxeault, Apr 16 2003

       "No, ma'am, I'm afraid all of our French Maid costumes are already rented...No, sorry, we're all out of Glenda the Good Witch and Catwoman, too. I'm afraid all we have left is a couple of Monica Lewinskys. It's always best to reserve well in advance."
beauxeault, Apr 16 2003

       Sorry, but I think we've got enough dysfunctionality floating around in society without actually trying to consciously remember people and times that stir up feelings of hurt or revenge.   

       How about a "Get Over It" holiday? Everyone just goes about their lives, looking forward to things yet to come.
XSarenkaX, Apr 16 2003

       If I'm dressing as him, I'm wearing jeans that don't fit and sweaters I wouldn't wash the dog with.   

       I suppose I have to dress up as the asshole I am.
grecosartre, Apr 20 2003

       I see this as best for long-past loves - the fire is burnt, and the embers are cold, but you still remember them. It seems a pity to pretend it never happened...but what to do with love's ashes? (someone stop me before I break into song here...)
white, Nov 02 2004


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