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Walt Disney's Frozen Headcicles

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A delightful water-ice on a stick, this frozen treat is in the shape of Walt Disney's severed head and comes in several flavours.
benfrost, Jul 25 2005

http://www.snopes.c...waltdisn/frozen.htm [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 25 2005]

bring me the head of walt disney Bring_20Me_20The_20...0of_20Walt_20Disney
obsessed yes. [benfrost, Jul 28 2005]


       ok, so i know its an urban myth, but let's not let the truth get in the way of a delicious summer snack.
benfrost, Jul 25 2005

       I can just imagine my 7 year old brother asking mum to buy one of these... Bun.
froglet, Jul 25 2005

       There is some jesus for sale on ebay right now.
moPuddin, Jul 25 2005

       Ted Williams Headcicle: A Chilly Willie?
Shz, Jul 25 2005

bungston, Jul 25 2005

       Alright who is Walter Brennan?
DesertFox, Jul 26 2005

       Legitimately sucking head right in front of the 'rents and everything? Bun!
elhigh, Jul 27 2005

       I can fashion a fair looking baked chicken out of a few softened fudgesicles ... with this Idea, I could add human-like features. ewww.
reensure, Jul 27 2005

       Frosty - didnt you do this before (Walt Disney's head on a stick)?   

       (Or - "Bring me the head of Walt Disney")   

       This is bordering on the obsessive
energy guy, Jul 28 2005

       Charming. Bunned.
weezy, Jun 07 2006


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