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Bring Me The Head of Walt Disney

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Take Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen head and either do a reverse cast of it in latex or photograph it and have a sculptor recreate it to its exact likeness. If neither of these is possible, which I am guessing would somehow be a faux pas to the Disney estate - not to mention the cryogenic lab's policy on head casting, an artist could produce something in the region of what it might look like now - using clay then casting it in rubber, applying make up, fake hairs etc etc.

Mass produce them and sell them either in jars or on sticks, so they may sit on your mantlepiece, television, dashboard, or to be kicked around the backyard with the kids.

benfrost, Dec 28 2004

Disney frozen? Nope. http://www.snopes.c...waltdisn/frozen.htm
Link to Snopes.com to see info on Disney's deadness. [shapu, Dec 28 2004]


       Was Walt Disney your dad?
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       I'm bunning this only because itmade me snort orange juice out of my nose as I read it...
energy guy, Dec 28 2004

       At least he quit while he was ahead.   

       Disney wasn't really frozen (see link). But if he were, it'd be that morbid funny that makes other people uncomfortable.   

       Try Ted William's head first. With a bat.
shapu, Dec 28 2004

       I not bunning this because it made me laugh, I'm bunning it because I want Walt Disney's head in a jar on my mantlepiece.
wagster, Dec 28 2004

       not frozen? outrageous. has to be a cover up. the thought of his severed head is the only thing that keeps me going when i watch disney cartoons.
benfrost, Dec 29 2004


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