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Waltzer speed dating party

'Roll up, Roll up..hic'
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'Ladies to the left, Gentlemen to the right'

'One lady and one gentleman from the front of the queue if you please, don your swimwear or collect the complementary bib..and not forgetting your plastic bottle of champagne and cups'

Slowly the two-seater furnished cup cars are filled with complete strangers popping their bottles and filling their cups, and the music begins and the lights fade to a romantic warmth.

After three minutes of turning and spinning slowly the occupied cup cars come to a halt.'Gentlemen proceed to the cup car behind or to the left of you...ladies remain within your seats'.The music begins the lights fade and the speed dating begins again for another three minutes.

After some thirty to forty minutes of this joviality the ride slowly comes to a standstill. 'Ladies and Gentlemen please leave quietly and form a pile over there'. Ten minutes to the next ride,the queues begin again.

skinflaps, Mar 08 2004

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       Champagne combined with waltzers, eh? Erm.... may I suggest the inclusion of a complementary sick bag?
squeak, Mar 08 2004

       // don your swimwear //   

       Nah, but do it naked and you could be onto a winner. +
saker, Mar 08 2004


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