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Warm fuzzies for seals

make warm things and attract seals with them
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This big fuzzy device would collect sunlight and use radioactive minerals to generate heat. It would also have a camera and a set of tracks. It would move slowly and randomly around the arctic wasteland, pausing for long periods of time. The idea is that various wildlife would come to associate them with their warmth, flocking to them and resulting in some great pictures of polar bears tearing the heads off of baby seals.
Voice, Jul 12 2021

Arctic Fox https://i.natgeofe....ox_thumb.JPG?w=1200
[Voice, Jul 15 2021]

Bearded Seal https://i.pinimg.co...9831d0eb7d3c39a.jpg
[Voice, Jul 15 2021]

The entity that is cruel and therefore apparently should starve https://img.huffing...0000500096bbde.jpeg
[Voice, Jul 15 2021]


       Could you not drive it and leave the door open to pet the bears and feed them snacks? [bone not mine]
xenzag, Jul 12 2021

       I wasn't picturing a manned vehicle.
Voice, Jul 13 2021

       I'm suggesting an improvement to the idea. You could also challenge a bear to a contest by running around the vehicle as it chases you and jumping inside in the nick of time.
xenzag, Jul 13 2021

       [-] cruelty
sninctown, Jul 13 2021

       If only 8th had been here to see this. Imagining his evil glee. Memorial bun [+] Also love [xenzag]’s improvements!
Frankx, Jul 14 2021


       No more so than already takes place. Not having places for wildlife to congregate won't really change the percentage of seals killed by bears. Anyway if you're not into that sort of thing you can take the much more common pictures of baby seals NOT being eaten alive by a bear with blood running down its jaws and pooling on the ice, leaving arctic foxes to scavenge the remaining viscera.
Voice, Jul 15 2021


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