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wizardstouch cosmetic fluffypuff

Use an electroporation fluffypuff to promote absorption of siRNA dermatologic as well as cosmetic chemicals Cures acne, baldness, UV reactions, reduces aging
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Use an electroporation fluffypuff to promote absorption of siRNA dermatologic as well as cosmetic chemicals Wizardstouch Cures acne, baldness, UV reactions, reduces aging

the surface of the fluffy thing has microspaced conductive polymer weave that across microdistances provides the electroporation voltage There are published things that describe how people are nonsensitive to differing stimuli near a mm or less apart thus two electrodes spaced at near a tenth of a millimeter provide electroporation voltage absent sensation

siRNA that are tuned to interfere with nonhuman conserved regions of bacterial genes (link) slow or block the growth of acne bacteria the siRNA are those that specifically code on change resistant nonhuman sequences The fluffy puff zaps the siRNA such that it goes through the stratum corneum to the living dermis then the bacteria cease reproducing

Further siRNA that block the human testosterone receptor are SiRNA that cure acne yet also reduce baldness as the hair follicles cease sensitivity to testosterone

the transport of siRNA that block inflammation reduces skin morphology change from UV radiation reducing aging SiRNA that block melanin production function as a skin bleach among those that find the 20 pt higher wage from light skin appealing

siRNA have numerous functions (link) The nifty thing here is that we combine those functions with a soft fluffy facial puff that does electroporation absent sensation electroporation is an effective published method of transporting pharmaceuticals through the stratum corneum of the dermis to the deeper layers A frequently published way to transfer siRNA is electroporation

an indiglo watch has a microchip sized high voltage generator to power the electroluminescent feature We use a similar chip or a multistage diode voltage doubler to create the microampere or less current at 200 to 300 volts Then the weaving or threads of the fluffy puff have electrodes spaced at the absence of sensation width perhaps 10 micrometers To make it particularly functional the area of electrical stimulation moves rapidly across the fluffypuff that way the entire fluffypuff surface is active plus durable

the siRNA get zapped to the active dermis where they kill bacteria block testosterone processing as well as block UV reactions

The fluffypuff may also be used to do transdermal transport of things like resveratrol or various natural cosmeceuticals

it occured to me that duckweed or yogurt could be engineered to produce siRNA creating a globally available cheap dermatological treatment

I only dare to call this Wizardstouch as it like goes zap n cures things The actual wizards would be the persons that crafted the siRNAs that affected the cytoprocesses

beanangel, Oct 11 2009

wikipedia siRNA http://en.wikipedia...all_interfering_RNA
[beanangel, Oct 11 2009]

200 to 300v siRNA electroporation http://www.biotechn...hniques-115523.html
[beanangel, Oct 11 2009]

fluffypuff http://i37.tinypic.com/t5hd0p.jpg
[beanangel, Oct 11 2009]

siRNA antibiotics based on nonhuman conserved regions of bacterial genes New_20antibiotic_20or_20preservative
[beanangel, Oct 11 2009]

siRNA blocks testosterone http://www.bing.com...=siRNA+testosterone
multiple wizard action [beanangel, Oct 11 2009]

pachirisu waka an electric fluffypuff of a different kind http://www.youtube....watch?v=97BWbg9bVbA
[beanangel, Oct 12 2009]


       Its more medically appealing than things like salicylic acid which just kills dermatocytes or accutane which is so ferocious people go on birth control to use it siRNA are a few picograms of an active agent applied to living cytes rather than a lethal agent or a systemic drug
beanangel, Oct 11 2009

       I want a doll named after this. (At least I understand what dolls do.)
blissmiss, Oct 11 2009

       there is a creature called pachirisu that is kind of an electric fluffypuff at the link
beanangel, Oct 12 2009

       I like the title too [+]
zen_tom, Oct 12 2009

       Maybe this is what they mean by speaking in the tongues of angels.
RayfordSteele, Oct 13 2009


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