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Washed Up Gladiators

So that's what happened to him...
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Ever wonder what happened to your favorite athlete? Sometimes they leave their sport without a trace. Often they are found in gambling debt, homeless, addicted to drugs or dead. Why not help them bring back their glory by having a TV show similar to American Gladiators, except with washed up athletes. Watch them battle each other to retain their spot/paycheck has an gladiator. See how much they got left in the athletic tank with events like the joust, dodging a tennis ball cannon, and scaling walls. Not only would this bring back fond memories of the athletes but it could also crown who the next Wesley 'Two Scoops' Berry is.
darkboy115, Mar 01 2005


       I'd like to see an Anna Kournikova vs. Tonya Harding match. (since Anna gave up tennis for modeling and Tonya... well, we all know what happened to her).
Pericles, Mar 02 2005

       Unfortunately many atheletes make very poor commentators. Many have no clue what to do after their career is over. I wouldn't be against seeing less ex-players become commentators. Bill Walton comes to mind when I think of the worst commentator.
darkboy115, Mar 02 2005

       If you wanted to make them realize just how washed up they are, make them Gladiate? against today's young athletes who are in their prime. The winners get free medical.
thatguy, Mar 03 2005

       You just know that pretty soon the novelty would wear off and we'd start throwing them to the lions.   

       I'm just glad to see them clean for a change.
blissmiss, Mar 03 2005

bristolz, Mar 03 2005

       baked: Just google: "Fox Celebrity Boxing". To add a few other combat methods isn't really a new idea.
sophocles, Mar 03 2005

       Not a new idea, but it might be pretty fun to watch. Picture Leon Spinks battling someone like Shaq. It'd be pretty one sided but interesting nonetheless.
thatguy, Mar 04 2005

       If they could pull this off with the following stipulations, I'm all aboard.
1. NO REALITY SHOW can result from it! This, of course, means that VH1 and the networks must not be allowed near it.
2. One event must involve riding a bicycle with an obese man on their shoulders. Bonus points if he is painted green or is wearing a Madonna T-shirt.
3. Bring back the hamster wheel cages, for the love of Buddha Christ Mohammed.
4. There's no such thing as too much Pauly Shore, except when Pauly Shore is involved in any way. In fact, one event should be "Spit in Pauly Shore's Face," with bonus points for style, accuracy, and creativity.
5. You thought I was gonna skip #5 and point that out in #6, didn't you?
6. Well, I didn't, so that just proves how much you know.
7. I want the brunette girl from Three's Company to make me a Gyro with white sauce and no tomatoes, or you'll never see your daughter again! Oh, wait, wrong demand list.
8. The pads on the joust sticks will be replaced with giant flaming marshmallows.
AfroAssault, Mar 04 2005

       [AF] you better write that one up (marshmallow jousting) before I do.
5th Earth, Mar 05 2005


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